Truly Random Reviews

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It’s been brought to my attention that “Wolf In A Gorilla Suit” lacks focus. Asking for elaboration, I was told that blogs are meant to be focused on particular subjects on which the writer—me—has a certain grip,  knowledge and unique insight. Say, you might find blogs dedicated specifically to reviewing horror movies, pro wrestling, fantasy books, etc. and they generally stick to that one subject, rarely deviating far from it, in order to offer readers something worth their time.

My idea was that this was to be a media blog—one that would cover everything media: movies, music, video games, books, etc. Now, after this very fair and constructive criticism, I got to thinking. My conclusion was that it would take a humble, smart man to take that criticism and re-work his blog around it. However, it would take a genius to recognize an opportunity. I am a genius.

So this is the first of many Truly Random Reviews, a weekly article within this blog in which I’ll review with profound details many unassorted items you might find yourself interested in.

Though chances are you won’t.

Truly Random Reviews

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