Overhaul in progress!

After two years with this blog and some in-depth study of web marketing (which obviously only covered about 3% of what there's to learn), I began to understand how poorly structured and how user-unfriendly this blog is.

With that in mind I'm going to keep at the overhauls that began with the "mascot" art up there. This means I'm gonna have to draw some new art, switch a shitload of stuff around, and more, while I transfer this blog onto a new template. This might take a few days.

If I lose everything in the process, may god have mercy on my soul.

EDIT 1: Uh oh. I made a huge booboo. I wish this blankie was a time blankie.

EDIT 2: I just figured out how to edit with HTML.

Oh shit okay it's beginning to take form. Hold on, people!

EDIT 4: Two things are bothering me: the lack of a decently sized header image, and the distorted thumbnails on the front page. I've contacted the template designer to get some help.

EDIT 5: It's about 90% done. What do you think?
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About The Damn Beast

Pre-op trans-minotaur, sci-fi/fantasy/horror author, metal singer, videogame journalist, pop culture blogger. I also lift heavy things and put them down again repeatedly to occupy more space.
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