I didn't like "Zombie U", but I want a sequel

"Zombie U" was a mediocre game. Though I liked the "hardcore" gameplay where you just couldn't get bitten (a mode I'd love in one of the classic "Resident Evil" games), and the somewhat clever use of the Wii U double screen, it was still a visually bland, incredibly repetitive and derivative title in a world that's grown exhausted with zombies.

. . . we have grown exhausted by zombies, right? People can't possibly still be into them, right?

Anyway. I still own my Wii U and would love to put it to good use before the next "Zelda" gets here. I'm convinced that a sequel to "Zombie U" would be the best thing. The damn game wrote itself decades ago.

I give you my idea of "Zombie U 2".

"Zombie U 2"
Set in modern day Britain, the antagonist is a band that hasn't been alive since 1987 but still crawls around the world, dragging with it enormous hordes of die hard followers, and creating a horde that grows larger and larger while slowly losing its humanity. You play as a series of casual rock fans, terrified in seeing the horrible monstrosity that refuses to die, trying to survive the millions of zombies trying to convince you that they've done anything truly great since "The Joshua Tree".

I can't even charge Ubisoft to pay me for that plot and setting because, again, it wrote itself.
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