The New Wolf in a Gorilla Suit!

A few days ago, I posted this totally foreboding post saying that there were going to be some changes coming to the blog.

Our big fuzzy mascot, Primo, remains.
It started with the complete site overhaul a few months ago. More recently, you may have noticed, first off, that many of the newer posts have writing credits. You didn't think I'd be reviewing Doctor Who, did you? Also, did you notice up in the URL bar that the ".blogspot" subdomain tag is gloriously gone?

Yeah. We're not serving no larger domain no more.

Basically, I'm turning Wolf in a Gorilla Suit from my own personal blog, to a slightly bigger pop culture outlet, and taking it from there. This means that I've searched the galaxy to put together a small team of writers and contributors to write for this site to create more content so the site is updated more often and with new and diverse perspectives (you didn't think I'd be reviewing Doctor Who did you?!).

What's next? Just the content! I'm going to make a "Staff" section up there so that you get to meet the new writers.

So remember to check the site often to see what's new. Or alternatively, follow us on social media.

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