TV Review: "Doctor Who" 8x05: Time Heist

Written by: Lord Gremlin

Doctor Who meets Ocean’s Eleven with an old school Classic Era vibe of running down corridors away from baddies with some genuinely solid science fiction storytelling to boot.

But, pisode 5 of Season 8 is the weakest of the season so far, but that’s not to say it isn’t fine runaround and a fine way to spend an hour. The biggest thing letting “Time Heist” down is the script. The product struggles at times to deliver on what the plot sets up despite quality performances and entertaining one-off characters. Thankfully, as the episode rolls along it becomes more self-assured and delivers a strong final act that is worthy Doctor Who.

One of the biggest draws of “Time Heist” is the production. This is the best looking episode of Season 8 so far and despite the lopsided pacing the visuals are always a highlight. The creature design is fun and memorable, if even a little unintentionally silly . . . but goofy special effects are as essential to Doctor Who as the TARDIS.

Capaldi is, as expected, aces and always a highlight of an episode. If he keeps shelling out badass performances with seemingly little effort he will become one of my favorite Doctors ever even before this seasons wraps up. I must remain steadfast however, and not rank him officially until one whole season is under his belt. Meanwhile, Jenna Coleman continues on her hot streak of solid performances and the one-offers Jonathan Baily as Psi and Pippa-Bennett Warner as Saibra are solid characters with just enough added charm and personality to make them more than just plot fodder. Keeley Hawes as Ms. Delphox is appropriately icy and her characters resolution is one of the more surprising aspects of the episode.

7.5/10. It’s a real shame that middle portion of “Time Heist” tends to lag because it starts and ends on such a strong note.  A little polish, a few more twists of the bolts to tighten things up and this would have been an exceptional episode instead of just a really fun one. As it stands Time Heist does not in any way tarnish the good times Season 8 has been so far. Five for five, let’s keep it going strong, Moffat!
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