TV Review: "Doctor Who" 8x09: Flatline

Written by: Lord Gremlin

Season 8 continues its winning streak with a unique and very well put together episode entitled “Flatline”. Newcomer Jamie Mathieson follows up his excellent “Mummy on the Orient Express” with another story I would go so far as to call a NuWho classic. The fandom is already in love with the guy and have already been submitting his name for next Show Runner. I say give the guy a few more stories before declaring him capable of handling the burden of running the entire show, but with these back-to-back episodes he’s proven to be a very welcomed voice for Who.

The plot features the most mysterious enemies (called the Boneless) of the season so far, as well as some of the best effects in the shows entire 50 plus year history and that is no exaggeration. The Boneless are a formidable antagonist and are only a few steps below all-time classic Moffat creatures like The Weeping Angels and the Vashta Nerada on the creepy meter. I hope to see them again in the future but hope they can keep their scary intact unlike The Weeping Angels. And can we all stop and take a moment to praise the Tiny TARDIS? How wicked was that? And the Doctors hand pulling it along like a childs toy? Pure Who weirdness at its best.

The regulars are in tip-top form yet again. Capaldi gives the obligatory “I am the Doctor” speech this episode and it’s as badass as you would expect. Coleman carries the brunt of the plot with the same ease she’s displayed all season and we get some very juicy character development with her and The Doctor toward the end that I really appreciated. The supporting cast held their own. The character of Rigsy was charming and affable and shared an easy chemistry with Clara. The rest of the one-off characters were decent, if a little one-note and cliché. A small hiccup, but one I think could have been avoided with a few script tweaks. As it stands that is the only significant issue I had with the episode.

The Missy teaser at the end is the most infuriatingly tantalizing yet and ramps up the anticipation as what the hell is going on to insane degrees. I haven’t been this interesting in a season finale of Who since season 5.

9/10. All in all, “Flatline” is an episode that only gets better the more I think about it. It fires on all cylinders. Acting, plot, pacing, effects, character moments…it’s all there and it’s all entertaining as hell.
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