How to play "Far Cry 4" as The Goddamn Batman

I like to think of videogames as systems of possibilities. The player finds the fun while exploring the possibilities that each particular game offers to him, and the more possibilities the game offers, the more fun it will be for the player to explore the gamespace.

Far Cry 4 is by far one of the most complete gamespaces I've had the pleasure of exploring lately.

Not since Dishonored have I obsessively tried to find all the nooks and crannies that make up the world of a game, and adding to the complexity of Dishonored, Far Cry 4 gives us a massive, gorgeous open world to explore. While not as massive as an Elder Scrolls game, exploring Kyrat gives me the same feeling of awe and wonder that I felt while exploring Skyrim.
I do not use the word GORGEOUS lightly.

While Far Cry 4 was designed and has been marketed as an open world FPS I would like to argue that Far Cry 4 is more than that, I would like to argue that Far Cry 4 is a superior breed of Western RPG.

Why do I say it is superior? Because in here your success does not depend on some number crunching/dice rolling that happens on the background, your success is 100% dependent on your skill. A certain tension is added when you know that every failure can be blamed to your lack of skill and is not dependent on a dice roll multiplied by a stat, the stakes are higher.

And, yes that could be said of any FPS but I don't think Far Cry 4 is any FPS; again, I think Far Cry 4 is a western RPG. Ajay Ghale is basically an avatar, his personality is basically an empty vase waiting to be filled by you, the player. 

Would you like to be a Pyromaniac Freedom Fighter that wants to turn Kyrat into a drug state while only using Flamethrowers and Molotov Cocktails? YOU CAN DO IT.

An extreme race driver/tourist that has zero interest in the ongoing Kyrati Civil War? HAVE AT IT, YOU WUSS!

Just an explorer that like to climb the highest peaks and then descend on a Wingsuit? DON'T FORGET THE GOPRO!

A gun wielding maniac that uses high caliber weapons to senselessly kill everyone that crosses his path? Well, that's the default mode of playing the game and if you did it  you would be a Boring Betty, but hell, my point is that you can play the game however you want.

Hell, the game even gives you the chance to be a sane, rational human being and do what common sense dictates anyone would do in Ajay Ghale's situation with this secret ending:

But from all the myriad of ways that you can play this game, I choose to play at as someone else, I had to become something else. (5 points to whoever gets that reference)

Yes, Ajay Ghale is light years of training away from reaching Bruce Wayne levels of awesomeness, but within the constraints of the game I believe I have found a way to play Far Cry 4 as the Dark Knight himself.

Troy Baker voices both Pagan Min and The Joker, so at least they have that in common, right?
 These are the strict rules that I propose for playing Far Cry 4 as The Goddamn Batman:
  • No Guns: You can only use Throwing Knives, Bows and Melee Takedowns.
  • Play on Hard.
  • No health upgrades.
  • No Body Armor.
  • Reset Outpost/Missions/Fortresses if the alarm is raised.
  • Try to keep the body count to a minimum.

Check out that video. That is Batman Ajay Me crashing De Pleur's party as the Goddamn Batman would, running through the rooftops n' taking motherfuckers down and shit.

While the rules that I stated above are the ones I started with I soon realized that I needed at least one health upgrade, and also a Shotgun and Assault Rifle at hand, because fuck kyrati wildlife. These are the most aggressive animals I have ever seen on a game.

Seriously, if you ever see an Eagle, shoot that fucker down. They are agents of chaos, spawns of satan himself. The Goddamn Batman doesn't have to deal with this shit.

Anyway, back to Batman. If you want to try and be a better Batman than me (Read: Make the game even harder) Anthony Burch from "No wrong way to play a game" suggests that you add these two rules to my core set:
  • Disable the mini map
  • No shopping. (This means you can only refill your ammo by looting corpses)
I am not as hardcore as Anthony but maybe you will be, but with my self imposed rules I have been having an absolute blast while playing this game. Yeah, it might take me 10 tries to finish a mission, but the sense of accomplishment I get when I Batman the shit out of an Outpost is similarto what I feel Leo will get when he gets an Oscar.

Have you thought of a crazy way to play this or another game? I would love to hear about it. Seriously, people who do this kind of crazy shit are amazing, have you heard about the guy that killed every single NPC on Fallout 3? Awesome stuff indeed.

While you think about this, enjoy this video of me Batmanning Noore's fortress. On the first try.  *

*dons shades and rides off into the sunset*

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