TV Review: "It´s Always Sunny In Philadelphia", 10x02: "The Gang Group Dates"

Cock-rings. creatine shits, the D.E.E. System, antisemitism (Oh, Mac) and much more was covered in tonight's typical, but worthwhile episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The plot is classic Sunny. After Dee brags about going steady with a dude she hooked up with on an online group dating site called "Bunchers", the rest the Gang decide to get in on the action and try to score as many chicks as possible, only to have their plans blow a load in their face due to nothing more than their innate ability to expose how truly god awful they are under the thin sheen of humanity they try desperately to project.

The Gang and their various romantic woes are usually great comedic game for the show, and tonight we get an extra reminder on why none of these people can never, ever engage in a healthy, meaningful romantic relationship. It's a genuine testament to the writers and producers of the show that despite how fucking horrible these 5 people are, there is still a part of you that wants to see them succeed.

Dennis in particular is a character that took me a while to appreciate when I started watching the show. As he progressed and his psychotic delusional narcissism and sociopathic tendencies become more defined, the dark humor inherent in the character became a highlight for me, and every time the show focuses on him getting knocked down a peg I can't help but crack up. The man see's himself as a god, and it doesn't matter how many times he crashes and burns, he still cannot find fault in himself. Howerton has mastered the character and has created one of TV's most despicable yet hilarious villains. Seeing him lose his mind and become more enraged at his "Ranker" ratings was easily the highlight of the episode.

Dee and her never-ending search for any kind of self-worth is tested yet again when she realizes the guy she hooked up with has no intentions of being her boyfriend. Poor Dee, she ever got him a promise ring.
 She soon embarks on a bang-o-thon as a kind of crazed revenge on, well, all dudes in general. She even goes as far as to create her own take on the "D.E.N.N.I.S. System, with the appropriately named D.E.E, System. To bad it's about as effect as her brothers woe-begotten scheme .

Mac, Frank and Charlie are in the backseat for this one but they provide some good yucks and chucks with a system of their own that includes a whistle Frank (or is it Frack?) blows every time their plans goes sour-which is pretty much every time. Charlie constantly revamping his talk about how many cats he owns as to not make it sad and creepy was another little highlight of the episode I enjoyed. His extreme denial over The Waitress is addressed again as well, and Mac potentially being gay is furthered even more here as the rest of the Gang call him "the gay one" not once, but twice.

7/10. Like I said earlier, "The Gang Group Dates" is standard stuff for Sunny, but it features enough clever dialogue, dark shenanigans, and the Gang doing what the do best to make it another solid entry in the shows canon.
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