TV Review: "It´s Always Sunny In Philadelphia", 10X01: "The Gang Beats Boggs"

What's up bitches!? Are you ready for another descent into self-absorbed, narcissistic debauchery with the Paddy's Pub Gang? You aren't? Well tough shit because Charlie, Dennis, Dee, Mac and Frank are all back and out for themselves-the rest of the world be damned.

It's hard to believe this show has started it's 10th season. TV shows rarely last this long, and when they do it's never for the better. As they say though, rules are made to be broken and how damn appropriate is it that this team be the ones to do it?

It's Always Sunny has slowly, passionately eased itself it's quite the nice little fandom niche. It has a modest but loving fanbase and over these past 9 seasons has slowly proven itself to be a television comedy to be reckoned with.

What keeps Sunny going strong is the perfect balance the shows creators and writers (McElhenney, Howerton, and Day among others) strike to keep things fresh. In a way the show is very predictable. There aren't many curve-balls thrown at the audience that mix up the status quo. There are no game-changing revelations or huge twists. As soon as an episodes plot is kicked into gear, you know how things will turn out. It's just the journey getting there is always a beautiful trainwreck of dark humor and fucked up situations.

Sunny is topical without feeling trite and always coming up with creative ways to keep the Gang and their sociopathetic antics exciting.

Season 10 opens on a strong note with "The Gang Beats Boggs", where our drab five try to beat baseball player Wade Boggs' record of 50 (60? 70? Who the fuck really knows? The Gang sure doesn't.) beers drank on a cross-country flight. Everyone is pretty much blasted by the time they get on the plane to begin with, and you can imagine how much worse it get's from there,

As Mac labels himself the commissioner of this little contest (he lost the chugging match thus settling him with the responsibility) keeping tally of the beers consumed on the rest of the gangs shirts and foreheads, each member embarks on a little side quest very much indicative of their character. Dennis and Frank get into a bang-off on who can plow what woman where on the airplane-resulting in a wonderful Dennis moment as he deconstructs what woman is most likely to screw him.

Dee takes the challenge to heart and slams back brews like a woman with a death wish. Even after last season, when the Gang officially "broke" her, Dee is still trying her hardest to standout and be seen. Charlie is just content to eat a whole chicken, drink a shit-ton of beer and hang-out. Cargo hold sex-capades, almost lethal druggings, and hallucinations all mix to make a satisfying cocktail for Season 10's opener.

7.5/10. The suspension of disbelief is the only drawback to the episode. It's hard to believe that a flight, especially in this day and age, would put up with The Gangs antics as much as they do here. The plausibility, even for Sunny, is stretching it a tad and it gets in the way of the yuckles and chuckles a mite. Still, the casts implacable desire to wring as much energy out of a premise and their performances keeps the more shaky foundations of this episode standing on firm ground and overall it sets the bar for yet another hilarious round at Paddy's. I got my kitten mittens and my milk steak boiled over hard in anticipation for what's to come.
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