"The Avengers: Age of Ultron" Second Trailer Play By Play Analysis

Written by: Game_Brains

Let's kick things off with the trailer itself. Have a look if you haven't (even though you obviously have).

Right off the bat: the MARVEL LOGO. Holy shit, don´t you get excited when you watch the Marvel Logo? My brain probably reacts like the brain of a cocaine addict after a hit every time I watch that goddamn logo.

When the trailer does begin we see a lot of people escaping from somewhere. I'm thinking this will probably be the Intro Set Piece, Hawkeye is leading everyone into an Avengers Evac Vehicle and someone falls down, probably not getting into the vehicle.

Maybe I´m looking too hard, but that someone kinda looks like Wanda Maximof A.K.A. Scarlet Witch, could it be that she gets abandoned by the Avengers and that is why she is so pissed off?

This place looks a lot like the place where the protests were happening on the first trailer and lets remember both Quicksilver and Wanda were there. Also, what´s the deal with that red dust? Could it only be dust or could it be Terrigen Mist? This is a long shot, but given the Mid Season Finale of Agent of Shield this is not out of the question.

Holy Shit! It´s the Pinocchio song all over again! Amazing.

Tony: “This vulnerable world, needs something more powerful than any of us.”

And that something is probably a sentient AI with emotional/daddy issues that will try and exterminate humanity said no one ever.

After that we see Hawkeye in the same woods where he was chasing Hulk/Banner in the first trailer.

Ultron: “Everyone creates the thing they dread.”

I´m thinking that it was Hank Pym who created Ultron on the 70's or so and then SHIELD/Hydra scraped the program, after whatever happens in the first set piece of the movie Tony decides it's time to bring Ultron back.

Let's remember that Stark Industries has actually kind of privatized world peace, he is bank rolling the Avengers and there is no SHIELD to oversee them.

Am I the only one getting a romantic vibe between Bruce and Black Widow?

Ultron Mark 1 crashes the party, the most interesting bit of this scene is that Banner recognizes Ultron by name. This might mean that either he worked in the Ultron code/program, that they know about it from the Hank Pym era, or that in fact this is not the first time they fight him.

Seeing Ultron all fucked up and such I'm thinking that both Banner and Stark tried to scrap the program and Ultron managed to upload himself to that robot or that they actually fight him once on the initial set piece. Even though, I´m pretty sure that the initial set piece has more to do with Wanda and Pietro Maximoff being rescued from Hydra than with Ultron himself.

After that we are treated to a generic explosion, not sure what to make of that one, might be the Iron Man/Hulk fight set piece, the Initial set piece or just a regular Ultron attack. We get to see a quick glimpse of the twins after that scene, then we see Banner about to Hulk out and we end with Nick Fury in full Winter Soldier garment 

“No matter who wins or loses, trouble always comes around”

Setting Civil War much bro?

And then…we get this:

Who is the hot chick? My guess is that she is part of the Dora Milaje, the personal body guard unit for the Wakandan Royal Family. So yeah we are not getting T’Challa himself until Civil War, but Age of Ultron will definitely set up the character in a big way. Considering that Ultron will probably coat himself on Vibranium at some point in the movie, Wakanda will play a big role on his world extermination schemes.

Angry Thor to Tony: “You have meddled with something you don’t understand”, probably referring to the creation of intelligent life (Ultron) and that mortals should not meddle in those kind of godly affairs. This also seems to set up the scene when Thor chokes Tony that we saw on the previous trailer. 

And cut to Scarlet Witch kicking Tony ass with some red magic (remember the RED MIST from the first shot?). Seems like Tony pissed just about EVERYONE in this movie.

And then in what I think it’s a flashback with a Black Widow voice over we see a strange hand kidnapping a girl that does look like a young Natasha. Could this have something to do with the weird ballet scene from the first trailer?

And then we have a lot of interesting shots:

Ultronettes causing assorted mayhem.

Ultronettes emerging from the water.

Iron Man doing a badass landing and ready to kick some Ultronette ass in what looks to be the building where Ultron was talking with Wanda and Pietro in the last trailer.

Black Widow datass with some weird futuristic weapons in what appears to be the same building where Iron Man landed earlier (right after a shot of Hulk smashing a car, but more on that later).

And who is this handsome fella played by Andy Serkis? My money is that this guy is Ulysses Klaw, one of Black Panther's nemeses. Klaw kills T,Challa's father and is a wanted Vibranium Smuggler.  Maybe we’ll get to see T,Chaka’s murder in this movie but if Serkis is playing Klaw, then my bet is that he is we will probably see him selling or acquiring some Vibranium for Ultron.

We then see Capitan America fighting with an Ultronette, a woman screaming from what appears to be the first set piece of the film and then, making me even more suspicious that Banner and Natasha will be romantically involved we see Black Widow and Hulk sharing a special moment.

My money is that she is calming him down after his fight with Iron Man.

Ultron: “I’m gonna tear you apart…from the inside,” while displaying some unlimited power, then we cut to what looks like Thor being electrocuted, but he seems like he got hit by blue lightning when  Ultron's power is clearly red (anyone else seeing the pattern here?).

We get more assorted destruction and then, Hulkbuster moneyshot:

The interesting bit about this scene is that when we get a close up to Hulk's eyes: they are blood-red, when an earlier shot reminded us all that his eyes are usually green.

Try to ignore that pause button.
This leads me to believe that he is being controlled by the Scarlet Witch.

And that’s it folks, after that we just get a sexy shot of Ultron back, the logo and the release date.


Did you saw all the things going BOOM and the Pinocchio song playing on the background, and then Natasha was all like “Oh Boy” and MORE THINGS EXPLODED and SO MUCH DRAMA, this movie is going to be darker than Black Panther's sexy tight body suit.

And speaking of but: WHERE THE FUCK IS THE VISION?! If they haven’t showed him yet I really hope they save him for the movie.

I for one can’t wait until May 1st, this movie definitely has some strings on me.
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