TV Review: "Arrow", 3X10: "Left Behind"

When we last left Arrow they had killed off the main character. That's right, the Arrow himself, Oliver Queen, is now dead. Talk about a big cliffhanger (heh heh). Seeing as how I've watched enough non-Game of Thrones TV to know that most lead characters don't stay dead, you can't count me in the camp of "So when's he gonna be back?" Unfortunately the journey there may be kind of . . . meh.

The episode starts off with an awesome car chase between the police that soon gets interrupted by Arsenal.  They try and make it look like "ohhh it could be Oliver" when in reality we have brains that are pretty decently sized so that was figured out fairly quickly. They even try pulling the ole switcheroo with Diggle as Arrow but again, it's pretty painfully obvious what is going on. The scene is awesome and is the beginning of many great action set pieces in the episode. In fact, there's one shot involving Arsenal in a tunnel that I want as my desktop background. Totally badass.

The main story introduced Vinnie Jones new character, Brick, who shows what a badass he is by beating the hell out of his own henchman with his bare hands. His grand scheme is to destroy all the evidence against the guys The Arrow has taken down this season. It's a side story that hints at something bigger but just feels like a time waster. He says he's going to take over The Glades, but I doubt his tenure on the show lasts past next episode.

How stupid was Merlyn for sneaking into the Arrow compound just to sneak back in there a day later. In that time he apparently flew to where Oliver was killed to bring back the sword. So tell me why they couldn't have done that first and excised that first scene with Merlyn? The characters even say "He didn't tell us anything we didn't already know." So why in the fuck did we just have to watch that scene then? Poor, poor writing.

Thea is still busy training with Merlyn, proving that even when she's giving martial arts, she's still the most boring character on the show. And now they've succeeded in making her even stupider by having her acknowledge that Roy has a connection with Arrow. I'm hoping this eventually leads to her finally find out out Ollie's identity but who knows. She could just be stupid.

Thankfully since the show is built on flashbacks we still get our weekly dose of Oliver via those bad boys. It's a far cry from the flashbacks to the island during season one and two but Oliver in Hong Kong with Masio (some badass Asian ninja) is at least a nice change of scenery. Plus, getting to see Amanda Waller is always great. We're treated to a nice shootout which is usually something reserved for Arrow action.

We finally got a nice view of Brandon Routh's character Ray Palmer building his Atom suit. I'm not sure how long they're going to tease it before we see it in full action. And this could just be my torrid love affair with the Felicity character but dear god do I hate when she flirts with Ray. That man is a creep (who is apparently getting his own show if you believe the rumors).

I'm sure you're wondering, "What oh what happened to Oliver?" Well, we were treated to some shots of him in the snow getting dragged around by some mysterious man. Near the end of the episode it's finally revealed that the mystery man is the guy from the flashbacks, Maseo and he's taken her to the other person in the flashbacks, Tatsu.  Confused?  Yeah, me too.  Regardless, the episode ended with Oliver being revived (still unsure how) so that lasted all of... a single episode.  Damn, I was really hoping they'd take it further.  Oh well.

Unfortunately the episode isn't as strong as the midseason finale and fails to really deliver anything satisfying. Some of the dialogue is awkward and while the action is stellar this episode, it doesn't make up for the lack of story progression. Sure we got some peeks (Laurel as Black Canary was awesome) but nothing concrete enough to make a top episode. Oh well, there's always next week.
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