TV Review: "Arrow", 3X11: "Midnight City"

Okay admittedly last week was a rough start and not the best way for Arrow to return from its hiatus. Well things are off to a better start this week with a dream sequence that bewilders and confuses at first before ultimately settling into a dark twist. I'll admit, I thought I was watching the wrong episode when Oliver and Felicity were having their goodbye, a scene that originally took place in the mid-season finale. Then they kiss and things go red. The twist of having it be Oliver dreaming of Felicity is nice, because it furthers the yearning we as the viewer have for their eventual reunion. God, we're just sheep aren't we? 

We get to see more of Oliver being saved by Maseo and Tatsu, who share a tender moment, and are eventually discovered by the League of Assassins. Don't worry though, they take them down easily and seemingly severed Maseo's ties with them. Just kidding, they only tease that for about twenty minutes and instead Maseo leaves Tatsu and Oliver to fend for themselves. It's an odd choice but hey, the writers have to do something to keep the storyline going. The good news is that it seems to be delaying Oliver's eventual return to Star City (is that seriously what they're calling it now?).

Laurel has been consistently getting better and better as a character since Sarah's death. She took over the Black Canary guise, even bringing with it a good excuse for donning it (criminals don't know she's not the original ass-kicking Canary). She's also been taking on a darker edge with her DA duties, going off book with her methods. These are welcome changes and I can't wait to see where they take it. Ideally this will lead to a villain turn in season four but hey, I'm just being optimistic. She's still doing her "I did what was expected and something bad happened, as expected so I should cry about it" thing.

Laurel talking to her father as Sarah was one of the more poignant moments the show has ever had. It didn't rely on swelling music or insane circumstances, instead just two characters having a conversation. They didn't over explain everything and just let the moment play for what it was. Hopefully that carries on to other dramatic moments of the show. I thought it was a little unnecessary to have them meet face-to-face later on, but at least it made for a real pretty shot.

I want Vinnie Jones around for as long as possible. He's just too damn good. His interaction at the docks proves why he's one of the ultimate "bad guy" actors working today. His character needs to take up a similar role as Sebastian Blood, being around for a considerable time only to be shown as a puppet. To who? Oh I don't know, maybe a certain eye-patch wearing marauder perhaps?

Merlyn is trying to get Thea to leave the city and I'm left yelling at the screen saying "Dammit Thea, get out of here!" I'm not sure if I'm the only one that dislikes her but I'm sure few are as outspoken as me about it. They have severely screwed up that character and I am praying for a swift death. Thankfully, the best twist of the episode came when the blonde boy toy that had been batting his eyes at Thea was revealed to be a League member. Finally, a new person for Thea to play with that doesn't fit the mold of every other CW show.

And how sick was that fight involving Black Canary and Arsenal? The handicam work in that scene was extremely well done. I hope that they continue to showcase the action is such thrilling ways. The fewer cuts the better, especially given the scenes' usual limited lighting, if they want to deliver the most satisfying action scenes.

Overall I quite enjoyed the episode. There weren't any significant flashbacks but those are becoming less necessary with every passing episode. Eventually I could see them doing away with them as a regular plot device. They certainly weren't necessary today. I liked the direction that almost all of the characters seem to be going in. I'm sure we're going to get a Felicity/Ray romance soon (ugh), we haven't seen the last of the Arsenal/Canary team-up, and we still have Oliver's return to look forward to.

Next week, same Arrow channel, same Arrow time.
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