Why You Shouldn´t Worry About the "Fantastic Four" Reboot

Of course, just minutes after the new Fantastic Four trailer was released online there they were: the howling screams of a thousand angry nerds. We get it, you don't like Johnny being black, you don't like Dr. Doom as some sort of Julian Assange-esque bad guy, and of course you don´t like Miles Teller as Reed Richards.

I know you. Hell, I AM YOU, and what you really dread is this: change.

But I am here to remind you of one thing:

This guy was sitting on the Director chair.
And this guy, Josh Trank, seriously knows his shit. So please: CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

In the comic books, what really set apart the Fantastic Four from other teams is the character dynamics. It is not like in the X-Men where if Wolverine gets angry at someone he'll just punch him and become a member of the Avengers. The Fantastic Four are family. They are stuck with each other, and that is what makes it interesting.

If you remember the other movies (and because I care about you I seriously hope you don't), you'll notice that the biggest flaw they had was that they did not exploit those character dynamics. Each character existed as its own, and that was the whole gag of the film: apparently the Human Torch can burn at Super Nova temperatures but he is too busy picking up chicks to explore the possibilities of his powers.

Even Susan and Reed relationship was in second tier just to showcase them as "The nerd guy" and "The hot chick". They existed in two dimensional planes, when they didn't have to.

Don't get me started on the Galactic Fart.
Do you know what movie really gets character dynamics?

This one.
And do you know what director directed that movie?

This director.
In Chronicle we get the intellectual guy, the popular guy and the tortured guy, but you know what? They do feel like humans, they get super powers and act as teenagers do, they goof around and have fun or at least for the first hour, before the movie gets seriously dark.

The tortured Dane Deehan character gets all angsty and shit and goes full supervillain, but at that point in the movie you care about him, you want him to stop. Why? Because you have seen the abuse of his alcoholic father, you have seen him struggle to become friends with Black Popular Guy, and White Intellectual Guy, you can see those guys actually try to integrate Tortured Dane into their social lives. You see him struggle and you see him fail.

The moment when Micheal B Jordan's character dies felt like a sucker punch because I genuinely cared about him. The moment when Intellectual White Guy realizes he can´t save Tortured Dane and kills him felt genuine.

Josh Trank makes this characters feel like actual human beings, something the original Fantastic Four movies never achieved, and if Trank can give Sue, Reed, Johnny, and Ben at least half the humanity he gave to the characters in Chronicle, I call that a success.

As a side note: the best Fantastic Four movie ever made is not even about the Fantastic Four, and I believe that Trank will give us that movie. But until that happens, I'm off to see The Incredibles for the 100th time.

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