TV Review: "It´s Always Sunny In Philadelphia" 10X5 "The Gang Spies Like U.S."

After two strong episodes and two instant classics, season 10 of Sunny delivers it's first mediocre offering.

While The Gang Spies Like U.S. contain a handful of noteworthy giggles and their patented form of social commentary, the concepts failed to come together in a truly cohesive and noteworthy way.

The typical formula is at work here: The Gang gets incensed at an imagined slight, they bicker, do horrible things, make complete dick turds out of themselves. It's a formula we love, and one that has been working for 10 seasons, but every once in a while a script comes along that doesn't shine and we end up with a decent, if ultimately forgettable, serving of Sunny.

I'm about to show my true colors here by admitting the episodes most low-brow humor was the stuff to make me laugh the most. Dee's slapstick antics at the fish factory are psychical comedy gold. Kaitlin Olsen is a fantastic comedian and still highly underrated for her consistently amazing dialogue delivery and physicality. Her bone shattering fall at the end of the episode give me the biggest belly laugh of the entire 30 minutes. People falling down is still funny as hell if done right.

The other segment that had me chuckling was the back and forth Denis, Mac and Charlie have about "cream pies" or, erm..."creampies". Those of you who enjoy your pornography (and really, who doesn't?) are most likely putting two and two together on how that conversation went. It's obvious, it's dirty and it's funny.

The social commentary here feels more lazy than it does scathing. Topics such as foreign economic expansion and surveillance are poked fun at extensively, but it didn't have the bite Sunny is more than capable of delivering on such hot button topics.

6/10. Not much to go into detail over this week. The Gang Spies Like U.S. is a perfectly serviceable piece of the Sunny creampie, but not a classic by any means.
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