Neill Blomkamp´s "Alien" (A Coversation Between Fans)

Just a few hours ago, talented director and all around badass Neill Blomkamp announced that his next movie (after CHAPPIE, of course) will be the next entry in the Alien franchise. Here's Lillith Sinclair and Lord Gremlin, two massive fans, on why the news excite them.

Lillith Sinclair: Well first, EXCITEMENT!

Lord Gremlin: Well, DUR!

Lillith Sinclair: The last time an Alien movie came out, an actual Alien film, was back in 1997, so it's been how long? 18 years?

Lord Gremlin: Sweet Jesus, you're right.

Lillith Sinclair: For the sake of this conversation let's bump out those other two movies.

Lord Gremlin: Let's.

Lillith Sinclair: Alrighty, so, what are your thoughts on Neill Blomkamp and why do you feel so enthusiastic about him being able to direct the next Alien film? What makes you believe he is so darn good for it?

Lord Gremlin: Well, he burst onto the scene with District 9. It was fresh, had a tight script and its technical prowess was second to none. He has a fantastic grasp on gritty worlds. The worlds he creates are very rich and believable.

Lillith Sinclair: Big time. Elysium is polarizing, but it is an intelligent movie and it looked great. We're still waiting on Chappie at the time this piece is being written, but the man can do future. But also, I think his style is so different to all of the other directors that we have a better idea about what to expect from him.

Lord Gremlin: So on the visual front. I think he's literally the best choice next to Scott or Cameron. He's eye is THAT good, IMO. I also think Blomkamp will be ballsy enough to mix it up a little bit as far as story is concerned.

Lillith Sinclair: And he won't hold back on the violence, yo. you actually do need some degree of violence and terror while making a good Alien movie. The films are all about dis-empowerment, fear and industrialization.

Lord Gremlin: The industry aspect of the franchise is something I see him grasping. It's in his wheelhouse. Will he tell the kind of definitive Weyland-Yutani story?

Lillith Sinclair: I can see that. Blomkamp is very much into the sinister parts of industry. So, alright, since we know next to NOTHING about what is actually going to be in this movie until materials come out, what are you hoping on seeing? Me? I just hope it's better than Alien Ressurection at this point, but that's not saying much. Punters are already saying that the film could at least look more like District 9.

Lord Gremlin: I would like to see Ripley's story come to a complete close, that's for sure. I think the plot has to be somewhat ambitious. In what capacity I'm not sure, but I DON'T want an Earth invasion story if they can help it. I also want the Aliens to be horrific and nightmarish again in their presentation. Considering Blomkamps style, I assume he'll go more Aliens than Alien, but a mix of the two would be my dream come true. I would also like to see Weyland-Yutani taken down. What are your wishes?

Lillith Sinclair: Yeah, to see WY actually be more of a headlining menace would be great, especially if it was set in some sort of industrial hellhole type space establishment. I know everybody was pissed off with Alien 3, I know I was when I first saw it, but there was a sense of closure for Ripley... before the French dude ruined it. I don't mind comic books, but that movie was nonsensical. That's another thing, I wonder where the story will go for Ripley IF she turns up again. That's the thing, I wonder if Blomkamp will actually acknowledge what Ressurection did like what Singer did for Days of Future Past remedying The Last Stand, or will it be ignored with Alien 3 being the previous chapter. Oh, I really wanna see the original Lovecraftian horror the Xenomorph originally was. Perhaps with WY finally getting their dirty mitts on the aliens maybe they genetically modified them? Imagine that. A new caste of the already complicated class system of Xenomorph.

Lord Gremlin: I would love to see varying types of the Xeno's. Ones from different types of hosts and such. Considering Ripley was pretty much OWNED, would she be a nomad on the run? Would she be a prisoner of the company?

Lillith Sinclair: If that is how they bring Ripley back, I wouldn't argue. And YES!!!!! I have been wanting to see more host variant Xenomorphs. In the expanded universe there are so many possibilities. Haha, remember the T-Rex Queen? I dunno how they got that but I want a double serving of that beautiful mayhem.

Lord Gremlin: An Alien planet scenario would be most excellent.

Lillith Sinclair: Do you mean a movie set on a Xenomorph populated planet? Given the pestilence nature of the Xenomorph, that could be anywhere.

Lord Gremlin: Yup. Not just a settlement overrun, but a damn planet.

Lillith Sinclair: Just so you know, I squeed when you said that. I want to see a flying Xenomorph too, be it due to WY experimentation or a natural evolution. Given the popular theory of the Xenos originally being bio-weapons, perhaps they are now evolving further, beyond their original capabilities.

Lord Gremlin: Fuck. Yes. The Kenner toyline back in the day had a Flying Queen Alien that was the TITS. Something like that would destroy me brain from the awesomeness. Aquatic ones too. Not just Xeno's that swim like in Resurrection...but ones adapted to water.

Lillith Sinclair: What would you say to the possibility of a human/Xeno hybrid, like Ripley, but only... better?

Lord Gremlin: Well.....I despise the Baby from Resurrection it depends on how it's handled. It COULD work, but I would be weary. Ripley already fulfills that I think by herself.

Lillith Sinclair: Hicks was shown in one of the pictures. Would you think his inclusion would be a good idea? I should state for the record that the awful game Aliens Colonial Marines (which was apparently supposed to be the direct sequel to Aliens) actually said Hicks survived and the poor bastard who died in stasis in 3 was some random Marine named 'Turk'. UGH.

Lord Gremlin: Being that I'm the only one who thinks the killing off of Hicks and Newt in Alien 3 was a GOOD move, I wouldn't be totally against the idea of him returning. Perhaps Weyland-Yutani clones him too as a way of luring Ripley out of hiding or as a way to manipulate her. And considering the theme of cloning opens up the door to the themes of rebirth and second chances, her settling down to a happy ending with Hicks isn't a betrayal of the story IMO.

Lillith Sinclair: I like that. Otherwise, if not to act as a goad, why would they clone a grunt? Perhaps they could clone him AND Newt. Newt had such a profound effect on Ripley. Then again, this Ripley is a clone.

Lord Gremlin: Hmmm, I can't think of a good reason other than that to clone him to be honest, LOL. This is why I don't work in Hollywood. *sad face*

Lillith Sinclair: Haha, sorry folks, we are now totally speculating. What are your primary concerns going back to the here and now? Barring all of our wild and dazzling theories, what makes you worry? 18 years is a long time between Alien films and the series has run into quite a few mishaps. Studio intervention will always be a primary problem.

Lord Gremlin: Studio intervention of course, but also Blomkamp being too afraid to get creative with the story, feeling too much like a retread, etc. Basic concerns.

Lillith Sinclair: I feel the best way he could approach it is the way Cameron did: respectful to the work done before, but wanting to go in another direction with the tone of the story. There of course still needs to be that sense of terror and dread.

Lord Gremlin: It has to be fresh enough not to feel phoned in, but that Alien/Aliens flavor has to be there. Give it a believable and ambitious story, give it humanity, make it scary and make it kick ass. It can't be that hard can it?

Lillith Sinclair: Are you asking me or asking Hollywood?

Lord Gremlin: Both. But mostly Hollywood.

Lillith Sinclair: Wouldn't it be awesome to see WY being run by Xenomorphs? Like all Animal Farm, Orwellian-like, wearing suits and having board meetings?

Lord Gremlin: LOL, "Who are the REAL MONSTERS!?!? WHO!?!!"

Lillith Sinclair: I also wanna see Xenos in diapers, but that's just me!

Lord Gremlin: A Xeno wearing a suit and tie is crazy adorbz.

Lillith Sinclair: With that killer grin.

Lord Gremlin: One tests coffee with its mini mouth and gets burned. It screeches and spills the coffee. LOLOLOL! I crack myself up.

Lillith Sinclair: And when it's trying to give a talk in the board room it damages the walls with its long, spindly scorpion tail.

Lord Gremlin: The Queen is the ball breaking boss. The Facehuggers are the grunts that get the coffee and deliver the mail.

Lillith Sinclair: Bahahahahaha. Chestbursters are the Queen's children who are only there in the business in the interest of neopotism. Young, obnoxious pups on work experience.

Lord Gremlin: And the drones talk shit about it constantly...even though they all came from the same momma.

Lillith Sinclair: Corporate bullshit never changes.

Lord Gremlin: Heh. Most of them can be the Aliens style Xeno's meaning no smooth domed head. But a new "girl" comes in with the dome and all the other Xeno's wanna piece of that!

Lillith Sinclair: The Praetorian Guard are like the hotshot types, all douche and full of themselves.

Lord Gremlin: "Wow wow there, Drone! Do you have an appointment with the Queen!?"

Lillith Sinclair: Sorry, I can't get the errand Facehuggers out of my mind.

Lord Gremlin: That's cuz I damn good at making cute-ass jokes.

Lillith Sinclair: Oh God, we have gone so off topic here, I think for the benefit of our readers we should reign this in again.

Lord Gremlin: I concur. I gotta start Sunny in a bit anyway for my review tonight.

Lillith Sinclair: So, what are your closing thoughts here? We are both excited, that's for damn sure, and while it's too early to really make an educated judgement... I am still cautiously optimistic for this. I long to see another truly great Alien movie.

Lord Gremlin: Well, you summed it up perfectly. Blomkamp has the skill and the passion. If he can deliver a solid script I think he can bring the respect back to the franchise. Being as this is one of my favorite franchises ever, I hope like hell he can pull it off.

Lillith Sinclair: Troof. We can only hope for the best. I Believe In Blomkamp.

Lord Gremlin: #Teamblomkamp. Peace out, Lady Sinclair!

Lillith Sinclair: Peace out, Brother Gremlin!

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