TV Review: "Arrow", 3X12: "Uprising"

An episode featuring Merlyn flashbacks rather than Oliver's? How odd. It's a nice change of pace and helps us get to know a little bit about the resident bad guy but I still found it a little out of nowhere. Might we be seeing a paradigm shift for Malcolm's character? More on that later.

Was anyone else thrown off by how epic this episode ended up being? They usually reserve such big moments for finales or premieres and this one -- the middle of a long stretch -- doesn't fit the usual timing. I'm grateful though because the show desperately needed that epicness in the mid-season premiere and failed to deliver. When we finally were given a shot of Arrow returning to the city, I got goosebumps.

Speaking of Arrow returning, I gotta admit, I thought we were getting swerved with Oliver's return to Star City. I figured that the previews for this episode were actually showing Diggle in costume or something and that Oliver would still not be making his return. Oh how wrong I was, and I'm glad that was the case. As soon as he showed up in the city again, my anticipation for his eventual reunion with the "Arrow Crew" was through the roof. Unfortunately, that didn't go how I wanted. But first . . .

Diggle got to have his badass moment of telling off Merlyn. That's the Diggle I'd like to see more of, not this "along for the ride" one that we've been seeing this season. He seemed to have more purpose before and that made the character seem important. Now he's just kind of there. Roy took the important role of hunting down criminals a la Oliver, with Diggle acting as backup. Come on, have him take charge more. Oh no, now I've cursed it and we're going to get the annual Diggle-centric episode. Dammit.

They continue to push Thea as some kind of warrior but it's hard to take it seriously when it's all wide shots where we can't see her face. Obvious stunt work is obvious. She looks so awkward holding those swords in close ups that it just makes me hate the character more. It's just not working in any kind of way. I'm still holding out hope that she's the next fatality but God knows I'm not that lucky. She'll probably keep bringing her usual boring presence every week. I hate Thea.

Looks like I got my wish of Brick becoming more relevant and not just a villain of the week. His newly revealed history with Merlyn makes it feel like he'll be semi-recurring, much like Vertigo. I can see people being annoyed with it because it does feel like weak writing ("No, Merlyn actually didn't avenge his wife's death and her killer just so happens to be Brick.") It feels a little like when they made Joker the killer of Bruce Wayne's parents. A little bit of overkill and feels more like a way to have Merlyn join forces to provide excitement for twenty minutes rather than anything actually legitimate. It leads nowhere but thankfully, the end saw him seemingly turn a new leaf. 

Captain Lance knowing that Arsenal was Roy had to be a highlight of the episode. It was a nice little wink at the audience as obviously the fact that Lance hasn't figured out that the Arrow is Oliver is absolutely ludicrous. Anyone else enjoy finally seeing Sin come back? I was wondering when she'd be back in the fold. Here's hoping they include her more. Maybe as a love interest for Roy? Her telling Lance that the Canary that's been running around isn't Sarah was a little confusing though. Lance had a conversation and saw Canary as well, shouldn't his opinion of whether or not it's Sarah carry more weight? Why does Sin's opinion matter so much?

And how about that ending? Talk about infuriating. I get it, we've established that this relationship is the show's love story bread and butter, so it's not a surprise that the writing team is trying to throw more obstacles in their way. It just comes off as a tad unbelievable since Felicity was so upset over Oliver's death, for her to immediately turn on him over something as small as working with Merlyn, it didn't make much sense.

I'm looking forward to next week's episode because the strongest of the show's history have involved Vertigo and its trippy visuals. I'm looking forward to the Canary on Canary fight that the previews teased and here's hoping that Oliver being back in the city helps the show out of the "standby" mode it had entered in his absence. 
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