TV Review: "Arrow", 3X13: "Canaries"

What an awesome episode. Everyone seemed to be firing on all cylinders and it made for one of the best episodes of the season. I mean, the inclusion of Vertigo is a sure fire way of having an awesome episode but still . . . shweeeeet. Now let's get into it. . . 

Bravo for finally getting something with Thea right. The anticipation of her finding out Oliver's secret has been happening for a while so the payoff needed to be huge. They nailed it. Thea simply saying thank you helped me forgive some of the more bonehead moments her character has had over the course of the show. The acknowledgment of her being stupid for not recognizing her brother just because of a mask was just icing on the cake. Then she goes and stands up for herself against Merlyn. Are we witnessing a positive change to her character for once? I've been proven wrong before but I'll give the writer's the benefit of the doubt.

So it looks like Thea and Roy are still a thing. That's unfortunate. I was really hoping they would move away from that but with how much he defended her in this episode, it looks like they'll be revisiting it. Come on, I can't be the only one that thinks Roy needs to be with Sin. I am? Okay fine, I'll just continue hating most things involving Thea.

Don't worry though, any positive credo the show can receive from the Thea change, it gets taken away by the dumb choices Felicity has made since Oliver has come back. She continuously makes herself look like an idiot and this episodes outburst only proved that further. Now that they have Diggle and Roy drinking the kool-aid, this subplot is becoming intolerable. If it doesn't get resolved soon they they may risk losing fan interest in Oliver/Felicity.

Peter Stormare further proves why he's one of the best villains ever. I want his Vertigo character to show up from here on out. No reason to give that mantle to anyone else. I can't help but laugh every time he throws one of his darts though. The precise timing required and that they just come out of nowhere cracks me up more than should be possible.

Am I crazy in thinking Laurel doesn't look nearly as cool as Sarah in the Canary get-up? It could be the black lipstick but I think more is different about the costume. It fits really awkwardly on Laurel and makes her look more like a cheap Halloween costume than a costumed badass. Sarah's Canary on the other hand was always sharp looking. She had a Black Cat thing going for her and it worked well with her body type. Laurel as Canary just doesn't work. This episode's big message of "Don't pretend to be someone else, be yourself" hopefully translates to some changes with Laurel's Canary. Specifically costume changes. Please.

Speaking of Canaries, obviously this episode was quite prominent in that category and it ended up providing some great moments. Did anyone else think about how they got away with having one of their female leads get beat up by a guy. Not just a light scrap either, Laurel got her face pummeled in. Repeatedly. It was a pretty ballsy move that they got away with due to Sarah being the one that threw the punches on camera. 

As someone who wasn't a fan of Sarah when she was around the first time, I really enjoyed her appearance this episode. Sure, she was a Vertigo induced hallucination that was far darker than Sarah ever was, but still I appreciated what she brought to the mix. That mixed with some mild rewatching of season two, I kind of wish she hadn't actually been killed. Kind of.

I look forward to where they're going in next week's episode. Having Oliver return to the island brings with it the burden of the past we know of, but now with the inclusion of Thea, who's to say what tribulation they'll go through. In an episode of big reveals the biggest had to be that Oliver had returned to Starling City during his time with Amanda Waller. I have a feeling we'll be seeing the return of Moira and Tommy in flashbacks before we know it and I know I can't wait.
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