TV Review: "It´s Always Sunny In Philedelphia" 10X6: "The Gang Misses the Boat"

After last weeks fumble, Sunny is back in full swing with a new classic in "The Gang Misses the Boat".

To me,the show shines the brightest when there isn't a crazy scheme going on and the Gang is left to self destruct just from being around each other. The concept of each member parting ways to chase ill begotten desires has been done before, but with this episode, it's made painfully clear how sickly dependent each and every one of them are on each other, even when they can't stand being together.

This season is really driving home Dennis's slip into full on psychopathy as well as Mac's gay tendencies and this episode makes good use of both characters. Mac's mesh shirt was hilarious and Dennis slipping into full "Golden God" mode was an episode highlight.

The real treat though, was seeing Charlie and Dee interact. Being as these two are always the recipients of Dennis's and Mac's abuse, any time Charlie and Dee get to have a separate adventure their characters really bounce off of each other. The dinner conversation about Charlie being able to order chicken without the beak is pure Charlie, and the Def Poetry the two come up with is actually better than some real Def Poetry I've heard.

Something else happened with Charlie and Dee tonight. Something shocking and even....sweet. They actually had sex!

I couldn't believe it when it happened! It came out of left field and the craziest part is that it worked! I hope they explore this revelation further in upcoming episodes.

The weakest part of the episode was Frank and his attempts at joining a new crew at a new bar. They weren't unfunny mind you, but it felt a little superfluous next to everyone else's story. Although the call backs to past jokes like the underage drinking scam and rum ham were much appreciated.

9/10. I adored "The Gang Misses the Boat". Every character was on fire, all the dialogue zinged off the screen and they even managed to add a dose of earnest heart in there too.
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