Was THE Big Twist Confirmed for "Game of Thrones" Season Five?


Pictured: Lena Headey's masterful trolling.
I think one of the reasons we enjoy A Song of Ice and Fire, and Game of Thrones, so much is because of its ability to shock us and keep us on our toes. While The Red Wedding is probably one of the biggest shockers in the entire series (if not the most), I think the moment that really messed up with my head came about four hundred pages later. In the final lines of book three: A Storm of Swords.

After the epic clusterfuck that was the book's climax, we are treated to a shockingly boring epilogue where a random Frey is wandering the forests in the Riverlands. He thinks about the Red Wedding and his involvement in it, and at no point is it at all interesting or even relevant. But, in true Martin fashion (he loves to have long epilogues and prologues where nothing happens until the very end), he is suddenly found by the Brotherhood Without Banners (you remember those guys, right? They were pretty awesome).

In swift, delicious justice, this guy gets a noose around his neck and hanged, but not before Martin reveals the reason why this "justice" is taking place. From the shadows emerges a hooded figure. When the hood is removed, the reanimated mutilated corpse of Woman Scorned Catelyn Stark is revealed.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Of course because Martin totally lost a handle of the story after book three, her plot is yet to go anywhere (though book six looks promising), so it made sense that it wasn't introduced at the end of Thrones' season four, where it was supposed to (all powerful D & D protecting us from Martin's evil ways).

For a while there were a bunch of news saying that Lady Stoneheart (the name by which zombie Cat goes) would not only be cut out of season four, but from the show altogether. This decision scared me, not because I was disappointed by the prospect of missing that Twitter shitstorm but because it told me something:

Lady Stoneheart's plot goes nowhere, even in the books.

D & D know the ending. They know what will happen in books 6 and 7, so they will use that knowledge to protect their own vision of A Song of Ice and Fire. If they cut something so important out, it's because they don't want to make the same mistake/s Martin made.

Oh but hold on. What is this found on Michelle Fairley's IMDb page?

So according to that, Lady Stoneheart would be making her shocking debut in the season five finale, probably in the last scene as well. Most likely to Brienne and Pod (as it happens near the end of book four), and not some random Frey.

Which only makes me think: what the fuck is Brienne going to be doing all season long? Are we going to have her meander the Riverlands like a loon for ten episodes like she did in A Feast for Crows?

I'm sure there'll be some good filler thrown in there, but the other thing that comes to mind: Brienne is probably going to visit The Quiet Isle in season five, which is great because that is one of my favorite scenes in the book (and the entire series).

But you know what that also means?

Gravedigger TEH CONFIRMED!

Okay maybe not, but Rory McCann did walk into the SDCC Panel with a limp. I might be tinfoiling all over the place, but that's what this damn series does to people.
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