The Alternate Archers in "TowerFall: The Dark World"

One of the main features in the upcoming expansion of Matt Makes Games' epic TowerFall Ascension (my favorite game of 2014), other than a hyper jump that takes you from one end of the arena to the other, awesome new levels including one that's procedurally generated on-the-spot, and two new kinds of arrows (including the Trigger Arrow, which should be a lot of fun), are the alternate designs for the eight playable characters in the first game.

Of course, as always, all characters have the exact same stats and none of them has any advantage over the others; if you have any preference (I am and will always be the Turncloak Soldier) it's only because you like the design or the color.

In case you haven't been following Matt's TowerFall DevBlog on Tumblr, check out the new archer designs. They are kickass.

Yes, the new Last of the Order is supposed to look like Anita Sarkessian.

We still don't know what the Vicious Vessel (purple archer) will look like in the Dark World redesign, but I'm digging these. No, I don't know why The Young Master looks like a cross between Oberyn Martell and Iñigo Monoya.
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