TV Review: "Arrow", 3X16: "The Offer"

It's been a long three weeks but finally Arrow has returned to our television sets. So now it's time to see just what craziness the rest of the season holds. Note: I'm aware that CW released a trailer for the rest of the season with plenty of spoilers. I did not watch this so I don't plan on commenting on whatever was shown. My predictions could already be established as wrong but I won't know till it airs and that's how I'm approaching it.

Boy was it awesome seeing Team Arrow back in action. That is when the show is at its finest. We need more of that and more of it as soon as possible. Laurel seems like she's going to be improving in that area, so I can only imagine the fight scenes we'll be treated to in the finale. Arrow leaving due to his Arrow rappel has just been getting cooler and cooler, with tonight being a particular highlight.

I really enjoyed this week's villain (though I hate the phrase "this week's villain") mainly because of his look. The sewn shut lips hit on a personal cringe point for me. Ever since seeing the cover for "Strangeland" there was no going back. It was burned into my memory. So I certainly appreciated that aspect, but otherwise his actions were pretty forgettable. He just wants revenge on Lance? Been there done that.

The Oliver/Felicity/Ray love triangle is increasingly frustrating with no end in sight. Even when Ray leaves the picture, who's to say they'll finally pull the trigger. If they're worried about the longevity of the relationship, test it, see if it works and if it doesn't, kill her off in an extravagant way a la Gwen Stacy. In the meantime, Felicity is becoming a bipolar mess of a character, her feelings for Oliver depending on the week's writer. As I said, frustrating.

I liked the scene of Lance railing into Oliver about not telling him about Sarah but I couldn't help but laugh at the scenery itself. Did it really have to take place at the same place the Lance/Laurel scenes took place? Are they just wanting to establish this exact spot as their designated meet up? Why's there better lighting now that it's Arrow using it? It just comes across as a lazy production.

I'm glad they finally introduced the Lazarus Pit. I still don't understand why they didn't use it to bring back Oliver in the first place (it's like the avoided it just because they knew everyone would say they saw it coming) instead of the nonsensical mess they gave us. Every scene featuring R'as wins me over more and more. The guy just absolutely kills it. R'as blocking Nyssa's saber with only his hand was one of the coolest things all season. And it only gets better.

Also, how long was Merlyn sleeping? They showed him sleeping in the beginning then again with Thea and Laurel. In the exact same position. And finally he wakes up. HOW LONG WAS HE OUT? I gotta admit, it was entertaining seeing him try and get Thea to kill him and considering it good parenting. Oh Malcolm.

Okay so what in the hell is the deal with Shado showing up in the flashback? I have never been more confused during this show. I'm hoping its some kind of trick because that kind of ret-conning could be rough. Remember how all of last season was based around the fact that Oliver killed Shado and Slade couldn't handle it? Imagine if all that could have been undone with Oliver just saying "Trust me, she's not dead." If they avoid that by just having Shado ask Oliver to promise not to tell Slade, my brain may just explode.

And how about that ending? I love the fact that R'as is taking a proactive approach to this and taking things into his own hands. Too often the show just has the leader's sending out minions to do their bidding. We've had seasons of that with the League of Shadows, we don't need anymore. I like that Al Ghul is smart enough to go after Arrow and tear down everything that he stands for. All I know is that I can't wait for the next few episodes.
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