TV Review: "Arrow", 3X17: "Suicidal Tendencies"

An episode including an Arrow conspiracy, The Atom vs. Arrow, and Suicide Squad? Talk about loading up an episode. I definitely wish it had been handled differently though. The various storylines were big enough to warrant their own episode. And in a show that had at least a couple filler episodes a season, that's inexcusable.

The Suicide Squad stuff had potential but altogether felt awkward. Killing Deadshot was pretty big but I doubt it'll stick. We didn't actually see him die so I'm sure he'll be back. Giving him an entire back story in the episode felt out of place and made what could have been an amazing episode drag on and on. It could have been good if they had dedicated the episode to it (which, trust me, I'm not a proponent of Diggle stories) but instead it took away from all the positive momentum from the other storylines. Still, Cupid is a hottie.

Speaking of other storylines, I like that that Team Arrow was dealing with both The Atom and The League of Assassins in a way that made sense. Usually when melding two things like that, it can be disastrous, but I quite enjoyed it. But what was the deal with the inconsistencies in the episode? It's like writer's just forgot about what was happening and logic would go out the window. Roy was electrocuted by the Atom and thrown into a fence and that was the last we saw of him. Oliver just walked away, didn't even go check on him. I couldn't help but laugh. Then back on the Diggle side of things, Deadshot totally could have killed everyone when he made his presence known. He should have just shot the Senator's arm rather than causing a shootout. What was preventing the Senator from blowing up the building? Talk about a suicide squad...

I liked how uncomfortable Oliver was while Ray was winning everyone over at Diggle's wedding. It's one of those low key moments that really stand out. Laurel is finally starting to look like more of an ass kicker too. She just needs to fill out more so that it's not just a stick figure crime fighting. Her confronting Ray was awesome and showed all the ways that she can be valuable to the team. I'm really hoping that Nyssa causes her to go through more of an outfit change, similar to Sarah's. That Canary outfit is just a million times better.

Yay, Ray and Felicity are over. And Felicity is being written by a writer that knows her character! All is right with the world again. That was a rough period of time. It's getting close to the end of the season so I expect this to continue. I write these during the show. It just makes it so I can streamline the process a little. So I wrote that previous bit before the final ten minutes. Yeah, needless to say I'm disappointed with where that story has gone. The very ending aside (which I'll discuss later) it does at least seem like the character is back on track. The romance will never feel right just because of the teasing they've done with Oliver and Felicity but it's tolerable till they kill it. One day they'll learn.

Did anyone else notice how there was no Thea this week? Like pretty much none at all. How can that happen in an episode and not automatically be my favorite episode? It's really just unfair. I wasn't able to see the preview for next week's episode but I'm sure she'll be making a return. Yippee.

So Diggle is quitting Team Arrow? That's disappointing. But I doubt it'll stick. In fact, what's the deal with him not even talking to Oliver about it? I guess that they're just saving it for next week. In fact, I feel like this episode featured a lot of "just wait until you see next week!" I get that we're nearing the end of the season but come on, I'd like a full episode arc within the narrative. It always feels so disjointed when they do it like they have been. Oh well.

I was really hoping that R'as would continue being "Fake Arrow" but it looks like The League of Assassins will be filling that role instead. I get it, but that tease at the end of the last episode certainly made it seem otherwise. Maseo taking such a central role makes a "number two" villain have a little more depth, given his close relationship with Oliver. He's still a League member though, so his actions are making sense. So many layers to that storyline that I can't help but be pleased with where it's been and been going. But there's one thing that, if he does it, may end up making Oliver finally snap his no-kill rule...

What the hell is with that ending? There's no way that they're taking out Felicity right? I mean, I know that they're killing someone off but there's no way it's her right? Not when there's Thea just sitting there, ripe for the picking. It's intriguing given her relationship with both Team Arrow and Atom. I could see Roy going absolutely nuts -- wait no. It's not happening anyway so I'm not even discussing it.
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