TV Review: "It´s Always Sunny In Philedelphia" 10X7: "Mac Kills His Dad"

This week, I'll be taking over Sunny review duties, as Lord Gremlin is indisposed at the moment (something about herpes, I think, or maybe he's just snowed in, or something; I don't pay that much attention). Hopefully next week we'll return to our scheduled programming.

Holy shit, did we just get the darkest Sunny episode ever? I binged the first seven seasons when I started watching, so I might be forgetting, but I think we did.

Even in a show as fundamentally messed up as this, we're generally just laughing over the horrible things that this horrible group of people do, or get involved with; when did it become about laughing at just how depressing and terrible life is? I don't know, but it worked.

The episode involves Mac's shitty father being accused of decapitating a man, and being tried over the murder. If he's found guilty, he'd be put to death, so Mac decides to prove his innocence, dragging a reluctant Charlie with him. Meanwhile, there's the completely unrelated plotline of the other three guys, who try to show a suicidal Bill Ponderosa that life is worth living, only to find that they really can't.

The laughs here were mostly the kind of awkward chuckles that come from the episode's dark nature. From Bill's insights into how even the most simple and enjoyable aspects of life (like eating a fruit) are in reality depressing little things, to the straight-up terrible reality of Mac's delusions about his father's love (or lack thereof) for him, it was all just dark and horrible and hilarious. Frank in particular was an even bigger psychopath than he usually is (his story about the bum and champagne made my soul throw up a little), and it was terribly funny to see Dee and Dennis eventually being broken enough into agreeing that life is terrible (though you might still take advantage of that).

Sunny's handle on awkward situations is strangely effective. I had a lot of trouble in early seasons of The Office because I hate cringe humor, yet for some reason it doesn't seem to bother me in here. The scene involving Charlie's mom "telling all she knew" was awfully uncomfortable, yet I couldn't stop chuckling; everyone in this show, even the actors in small roles, have an excellent handle on the characters. The scene with Bill's family is another example of great actors (yes, even the weirdo kids) making great comedy in a scene that would be unwatchable in an inferior show,

The main problem in "Mac Kills His Dad" was that despite the great dialogue, the pacing was sloppy. There were a couple of scenes that didn't really go anywhere, and the ending was a bit anti-climactic after so much build-up (great stinger in the very end, though).

8/10. This episode was very funny, but maybe too dark; I know these guys are shit but I still feel really bad for them when shit goes down. I can't blame the show for being itself, though. The only problem was some sloppy writing in the third act, which led to a bit of a disappointing conclusion that had too much build-up from the get go (re: the episode's title).
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