TV Review: "It´s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" 10X8: "The Gang Goes on Family Fight"

Well hello there, readers! Did you miss me?
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You liked The Smelly Beast's fill-in review of last weeks episode better than all of mine put together?

Well, fuck you. I run this, not him. Do deal with it!

The shenanigans of this weeks Sunny involve The Gang competing on a Family Feud clone called Family Fight, and as is to be expected, they make asses out of themselves....but they also win for once.

This was a Dee and Dennis centric episode through and through, as they shine the most and get the most belly laughs. My personal favorite part was Dennis' gradual breakdown due to his intolerance of the penalty buzzer. Being the delusional, cocky psycho he is, he obviously thought he would be the member of the Gang to come out on top and bring it all home. His hubris takes a beating when every single one of his high-minded answers bites him in the ass and the loud buzzer slowly tears away at his confidence.

Dee, ever the aspiring actress, tries to bring her own brand of humor of and charisma to the show. She even stopped eating for days to prepare. A great callback gag about her manly hands is put to wonderful use when she utterly destroys the buzzer button when trying to answer a question. Charlie gets some great moments when every one of his outlandish answers ends up giving The Gang a single point. Frank and Mac take a bit of a backseat here, but each get a couple of worthy chuckles.

One of the biggest themes of the show is how much The Gang proves, on a seemingly week to week basis, how unfit they are to function in the real world, and The Gang Goes on Family Fight is a clever way to further this story beat. It's a funny, punchy episode with a steady stream of laughs and good as always performances from the cast. Some of the canned laughter meant to represent the live studio audience felt out of place and dulled some of the humor, But if they didn't include it the episode could have very well felt off, like the situation was taking place in a vacuum. Other than that, this is effortless Sunny viewing.

8/10. Choke the 8th episode of Season 10 of Sunny as another pleaser.
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