Leaving Konami is the Best Thing To Happen To Hideo Kojima (and Us)

Even tough it is not confirmed, word is that Hideo Kojima is leaving Konami. Like every good story on the Internet, this one started on Reddit when a sharp eyed user realized that Kojima's name had been deleted from every piece of Metal Gear Solid V promotional art.

Not too long later all of Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions credits where removed from the Konami website, the last nail on the coffin was when Konami announced that Kojima Productions would now be called Konami Los Angeles Studios. The rumor mill started turning with full force and the only possible conclusion that the Internet gathered from all this was that Hideo Kojima and Konami would finally be getting a divorce.

Again, this is still unconfirmed, but from the bottom of my heart and for Kojima's sake I can only hope that this rumor is true.

The one thing that has been confirmed a thousand times is that Hideo Kojima is tired of working on the Metal Gear series, ever since Metal Gear Solid 2 launched Kojima said "This is my last Metal Gear, I would like to work on something completely new."

That was fifteen years ago. Four Metal Gear Solid games ago.

In at least ten different occasions Kojima has publicly said that he does not want to continue with his involvement on the series. This has even gotten to the point where the game self references Kojima's statements, like when the launch trailer for Metal Gear Solid IV included a cardboard box with the text "No place for Hideo".

There are even those who say that the whole of Metal Gear Solid IV is Kojima's farewell letter to the series. Thematically, the game is nothing but a long goodbye.

Maybe that is the reason why The Phantom Pain goes back to the past.

I can safely assume that Kojima is understandably tired. He is a creator throughout the years Konami has denied him the privilege of creating new universes to play with. Yes, he has been involved with games like Zone of the Enders, Boktai and even Lords of Shadow, but if you look a little bit closer you will see that since 1987, when Kojima directed the original Metal Gear, he has not directed a single game that is not part of that series, his role both in Boktai and Zone of the Enders was that of a producer, not a director.

The same goes for Lords of Shadow and the upcoming Silent Hills where he is executive producer, but not a director. Never a director unless it is a Metal Gear game. I can understand his frustration.

It is widely known that Konami gave the Executive Producer role to Kojima in those games to ease his hunger for working in something new; if the news is true, this might mean that the bone was not big enough, and he's still hungry.

To put this into perspective, Kojima has been directing Metal Gear games for longer than I have been alive.

When Kojima got into the videogame industry he was leaving behind his hopes of becoming a film director, thinking that a the magical world of videogames would offer him a much more rewarding and interesting career.

Yes, he found a lot of rewards in this world but probably, after being tied to one series for 28 years he is not finding it all that interesting any more. The cost for his success was his creative freedom and it looks like he is not willing to pay that price anymore.

The moment that the rumor mill started spinning about his departure the howl of a thousand crying geeks echoed throughout the Internet, but come on guys: Do you think Metal Gear will die without Kojima? Konami already said that they are planning ways to take the series to a whole different place after The Phantom Pain, so why not be glad that Kojima might get to create something new again.

Even if Metal Gear Solid becomes a huge stinker, that will not tarnish the lovely memories you have of the original games, we must be stronger than our nostalgia.

Hopefully Kojima is moving on and as a fan, so should you.

I think it is time to give the keys of the kingdom to a new generation; Metal Gear will move on and Kojima will delight us with a new creation. Everybody wins.

Throughout this project I have really tried to embody that theme of passing knowledge on to the next generation. These guys all have great ideas. Hopefully they can take what I have passed on to them and blend it with their own values to create a whole new kind of Metal Gear created by them, not me."

As said by Kohima on 28th of September of 2011.

Can you imagine all the ideas brewing on his mind for the last 28 years? Can you imagine what he might create, for example with Virtual Reality?

Hell, maybe his next project is not even a game and it's a film. I really don´t know and I really don´t care. What matter to me is that this creative genius will start creating from scratch again, whatever comes out of that will at least be interesting.

More than a Game Designer or a Film Director, Kojima is a creator, one that has been shackled for too long. The moment he starts creating again, the ones who will be benefited most will be us, the consumers, his fans.

As a consumer I am interested in watching Kojima create something new; as a creator, I'm happy to watch a fellow creative gain back his freedom to dream and build new worlds.
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