Re-Casting Pinhead: 3 Actors Who Could Do the Job

Simply put, Pinhead from the Hellraiser series is one of my personal favourite horror icons of choice. Everything about him appeals to me; intelligent, reasonable, formidable and sophisticated, Pinhead (formerly known as Elliot Spencer) is worlds away (literally!) from Freddy, Jason and Michael and more likely to be in the company of Candyman... oh wait, Pinhead and Candyman were both created by Clive Barker so that makes all the more sense! Pinhead is a businessman above all else and when he kills, it is because it is owed to him, it is not something he does at random and without reason.

What with the possibility of Hellraiser being rebooted flying around, I, just like many other fans of the series will delight to see Doug Bradley brave the sharps and the leather, but sometimes, a casting does not always work out be it due to budget, schedules and preferences. So let's pretend, just for now, just in this tiny part of the web, that the impeccably regal robes of Pinhead were to be filled by an actor who is not Mr. Bradley. Keep in mind, this is just a spot of fun, not a swipe or a passive aggressive attack on the actor himself. In order to really narrow it down, I've selected three actors, all very different but in my eyes incredibly talented who could carry such a role with confidence. These weren't choices I made lightly, mind, and no, they aren't the ONLY actors in existence who could bring Pinhead back to our big screens, they are but three so no tears... they are a waste of good puritanical butt-hurt.

1) Charles Dance

The very moment I started thinking of potential alternatives, my mind automatically hooked into that of Mr. Dance. Dance is a 'Darling' actor has always been a favourite of mine who, despite his seemingly impenetrable exterior, is actually a goof who isn't afraid of the projects he takes on. Every time he makes an appearance on the big or small screen, in person or in voice, he leaves and impression, an impression that stays with the audience even if they forget the rest of the project he has featured in. The man could be peeling potatoes for hours on end and I would still find him fascinating to watch. His facial expressions, his regal demeanor and most importantly that distinctive voice of his are all a part of his toolbox, and like any great tradesman, he utilizes them all because he's secure in his craft if not the project he is working on. And you know, he's actually had experiences wearing tight, sexually questionable material before when he did this...


Nice legs, Charlie.

2) Doug Jones

Some of you may not be familiar with his name or his actual face, but chances are you are more than familiar with his breathtaking physical performances. Abe Sapien. The Angel of Death. Pan. The Pale Man. The Silver Surfer. A whole bunch of film and television monsters. He has had a career that has spanned decades but it is his beautiful physicality that has served him the most in the mainstream. As Pinhead, Jones would deliver the grace and deliberation of the character thanks to his extensive training as a mime and dancer. Tall, lean and angular, Jones is pretty physically strong given how much punishment he has had to endure when covered in make-up and doing his work for our entertainment that to play Pinhead would come quite naturally to him. As for his voice, well, that aspect still remains up in the air, but Jones has never been one to shrink away from a hearty challenge, considering he phonetically learned Spanish for his role as Pan in Pan's Labyrinth.  Brief fangirl moment here: I can totally see a Jones Pinhead with long, flowing chains that move with him, emphasizing his movements. Man that would look beautiful on him.

3) Tobin Bell

Yeah. I think he could do it quite easily. In my opinion, I feel Bell would fit well into the leather and chains of Pinhead. Given he has made quite a name for himself as Jigsaw in the multi-flavored ice cream franchise known as Saw, Bell is an actor who not only appreciates the projects he is a part of, but also his audience. Ever since 2004, Bell has been nothing but grateful for the franchise that has made him such a prominent name but also to the people who helped make it happen- you. Bell has an understanding about how to award a character with a sense of pathos and strength no matter how small his role initially is. Remember, Pinhead only had ten minutes worth of screen time in the first movie, but thanks to Bradley's presence, it made the character so damn memorable it made an icon out of him. Bell too has had that experience and there is no reason on that ground to think he can't pull the same trick with a twist. Oh, and that voice? Yeah, I can hear him talking about the pleasures of the flesh and the beauty of mortal suffering.
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