Interview: Redkick Justicia, Mexico´s Own Kick-Ass

The streets are not safe yet, but I promise they will be.

I found about RedKick Justicia (English for Justice) by pure chance, I was fooling around on the Facebook Page of Armatus Designs (the dude who made the functional bat-suit) and I asked him about commissions, how much would he charge me for my own functional bat-suit?

And then I got one of the best Facebook Notifications I have ever gotten: "Redkick Justicia also commented on Armatus Design Photo" and there it was, a dude, dressed as Kick Ass but in red saying that he also wanted one.

Of course I was intrigued as all of you know I have a healthy obsession with Super Heroes and here I had found someone who had taken it to the next level, best of all he was Mexican, just like me.

I immediately sent a friend request which was answered in kind and I lost myself in Redkick's Facebook page. A young man from Hermosillo, Sonora, a land crawling with cartels, that was fighting back (I later found out that he does not actually fight the cartels).

It was clear by the activity on his wall that this guy was the real deal; a lot of people where constantly asking for him to help, they reported crimes and thanked him for saving them.

I contacted him and asked him for an Interview. This is an edited transcript of said interview.

GB: How long have you been fighting against criminals as Redkick Justicia?
RJ: Exactly a year now.

GB: When was the first time you patrolled the streets as Redkick?
RJ: I can't really remember; it was just one night like at 10:30pm. Nothing really happened that time.

GB: How much time passed between your decision to become Redkick and your first patrol?
RJ: A year and a half.

GB: Do you see yourself as a Super-Hero?
RJ: Well, of course I don't have any super powers. But given what I do, yes, I see myself as a hero.

GB: What was the event that inspired you to become Redkick Justicia?
RJ: You know there was just a lot of crime in the streets, too much vandalism. I have been robbed twice now and, you know, just watching all the horrible stuff happening made me really angry. I guess that is what drove me to become Redkick.

GB: Do you have any kind of formal training in any martial arts?
RJ: Well, not really. I practice Tai Chi and of course, street brawling.

GB: So, did you fight street brawls before becoming Redkick?
RJ: No, my first fight was after becoming Redkick.

GB: What kind of criminals do you fight?
RJ: Mostly cholos and thieves.

GB: You operate on a zone filled with Narco, have you ever fought anyone from a cartel?
RJ: No, I have never fought narcos, but if I had to I would do it without thinking it twice.

GB: Do you have any plans of moving against the local cartels?
RJ: I have thought about this a lot, but it is a lot of responsibility. I could not do this alone and I would need better equipment. If they attacked my community I would defend it, but I am not ready to fight them head on.

A pic on his Facebook, proof of his work.
GB: What inspired you to become Redkick Justicia?
RJ: Superheroes in general but my main inspiration is Spider-Man. When I saw the movie Kick Ass I just knew I had to do what he was doing, I had to become a real hero, just like him.

GB: So, is Spider Man your favorite Super Hero?
RJ: Yes, Spider Man and Deadpool are the ones I identify myself with the most.

GB: What valued are the ones that define Redkick Justicia?
RJ: Respect, peace, responsibility and justice.

GB: Have you had any serious injury as RedKick?
RJ: Nothing really serious, just painful hits and some superficial stab wounds.

GB: Do you work alone, do you have a partner?
RJ: For the moment, yes. I am working alone. But I think there is a female partner on the horizon.

[I later found out that yes, Redkick does work alone but that he is part of a "Real Life Superheroes" here in Mexico called "Guardianes de la noche" (Guardians of the Night) and that there are other Real Life Superheroes operating all around Mexico.]

GB: Is you identity an absolute secret or does someone know about it?
RJ: Some people know, but just a few.

GB: What measures do you take to protect your identity?
RJ: I use a proxy IP adress when I'm online and you must always have a good mask that will never fall off, no matter what.

GB: When was the first time that you really felt like a hero?
RJ: There was a fire one day and I saved a homeless man from it, it was pretty epic and made me feel like a hero.

GB: Are you scared of the consequences of what you are doing?
RJ: Sometimes I am plagued by self doubt, but I keep doing it.

GB: When you are afflicted by Self-Doubt what do you do to overcome it?
RJ: Well, sometimes I think about stopping but then I see my backpack and I open it and there it is: my mask. The mask that showed me the real me, the one that allowed me to say and do everything I wanted to but that I never knew how to. It is thanks to people like you, people that admire me and thank me that I get motivated to get out again. The streets are not safe yet, but I promise they will be.

GB: What equipment do you use when you go out patrolling?
RJ: Pants, a long sleeved shirt. A belt, a knife protective vest, Nunchakus and a pair of batons.

GB: Are you well received by your community? How do your neighbors react when they see you patrolling the street?
RJ: Well I know my neighbors do see me, the ones I help are always grateful. Some guys shut their doors when they see me and some others approach to talk with me about what I do and my cause.

GB: Would you recommend becoming a super hero?
RJ: Yes, I would. There should be more people like me. That's the only way to stop robberies, rapes and thieves. If we want a better world we need real life super heroes.

GB: What message would you like to send to people to inspire them to become real life super heroes?
RJ: If you join me we could form a big alliance that could take out all the criminals and thugs on the street. I am really looking to recruit as many real life heroes as possible; if you want to join us you can find us on Facebook. We need you to make this world a better place, kind regards from your friend and neighbor Redkick Justicia.

And that was it.

Real Life Superheroes are not a new thing but in most countries these heroes use their costumes to help strangers with their groceries or join charitable associations. Not in Mexico. In a country that is held hostage by violence, these young men have stepped up to fight it. I have nothing but the utmost respect for these guys and their endeavors; they are seriously risking their lives.

Another real life Super Hero called Smile Boy was killed after being ambushed and stabbed by some criminals while he was patrolling. The risk they face by operating in a place like Mexico is real and it makes it more admirable.

I'd like to thank RedKick Justicia for trusting me to do this interview, if possible I will use Wolf In a Gorilla Suit to update all interested parties on Redkick's status.

I'd also like to remind everyone reading this that you do not need to use a costume or fight criminals to be a real life hero, you just have to choose to do good in your daily life to be a real life super hero.
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