TV Review: "Arrow", 3x21: "Al Sah-Him"

This week in Arrow brings everything this entire season seems to have been based on: irrational character decisions (featuring a shocking amount of amnesia), annoying flashbacks, and hammy acting. If it sounds like I'm getting a tad fed up with this show, I am. But don't worry, there are still some positives to come out of this latest episode.

I really enjoyed the opening for the visuals alone. It did a fantastic job setting up the trials that Oliver has been going through since joining the LoA. I can't say I was tricked by Diggle's death though. If they were gonna pull that, I wish there was more weight behind the tease. There were no emotional stakes behind it, so never thought for a moment it was actually Diggle. 

They're adding Thea to team Arrow? Ugh. Weren't we promised some major changes for her character? She really seems like the exact same person she was before her encounter with R'as so I can't say I understand what the point of the tribulations of her character. It really seems like Thea has been put through the ringer just to get Oliver to Nanda Parbat otherwise she would have filled the same role as usual.

Cool rooftop fight. I couldn't help but laugh when Laurel did her little "Canary Call" or whatever it's called. Did she really have to have her mouth open like that? Also, why introduce an item like that without any introduction on the show itself? I'm aware that it was revealed on The Flash but, given its outrageous design, it seems like they should be introducing it on the show in which it will be utilized. I wouldn't have even known it was a plot point if I hadn't randomly decided to catch up on Flash (more on that later). But there I go with logic again.

It's rather enjoyable seeing Oliver as a bad guy. Both his look is cool (I'm not sure what it is about eye liner that makes him look so fucking bad-ass but it just does) and his voice took on a raspier tone without going full Batman. Can't say I'm really buying him being a bad guy though. His character has been built up for 3 seasons as being someone that wouldn't succumb to any League tactics so until that finale airs, I'm not convinced.

For some reason the rest of Team Arrow is convinced though. It has been three weeks since the last episode and they already consider Oliver a lost cause. Three weeks. This is the guy that has individually saved these people time and time again and now they are giving up on him after three weeks. I just... I get annoyed with these things then I write them out and it's infuriating seeing such absurd things spelled out in front of me. This is all happening on a legitimate TV show!

Maybe someone that has read the comics can inform me if this story-line in the flashbacks is from any Green Arrow book? Because I really don't understand the point of 90% of what they've been showing. It really seems like this story -- oh wait! That ending! So we've been spending this entire season of flashbacks leading towards THAT moment? That's the payoff? Dammit.

I really wish that they'd give Malcolm a little more to do. He just kind of shows up when Thea or Ollie needs information and that's about it. Is it just because he's done with training Thea so now they don't have much of a reason to keep him around? Make a reason!

Arrow is one of the only TV shows that I actually watch when it airs so to have it disappoint so consistently is... well, disappointing. Two episodes remain until the big finale and while it's far past the point of making up for the last 21 episodes, it can at least provide enough to have me stick around for season four. At this point though, I'm not sure if anything could save it.


Batman could save it. Get Batman.

Sidenote: I mentioned a little while back that I may give The Flash another shot. I did. And it was a mistake. But not in the way you're probably thinking. See The Flash is a much better TV show than S3 of Arrow. The writing is better, the characters are more unique, and the visuals feel fresh. Sure, this could just be due to being a young show (Arrow was pretty great in S1&S2, remember) but it seems that the writer's of that show just have a better idea of their direction. That could change in the coming years, but as of now, Flash is the better TV show.
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