TV Review: "Arrow", 3x19: "Broken Arrow"

I was a little trepidatious about returning to this series after going through the incredible Netflix show Daredevil (my review here) but I'm holding out hope that Arrow picks up in quality sooner rather than later. In many ways, tonight was a good start. In many other ways, it may be too late.

The theme of tonight's episode (as well as the rest of the season really) is "Haven't we done this already?" Want Captain Lance to blindly try and take down the Arrow, no matter what it means outside his personal vendetta? Want Oliver to ignore all his friends advice and do something that couldn't end well in any way whatsoever? Want Thea to cry and act like it's all Oliver's fault? Well you're in luck! (And no this isn't season one, as much as the scenarios may reflect that)

It's not all bad though. It was hard not to enjoy Ray getting excited about an Arrow/Atom team-up. He acts like a twelve year old who's able to work with Batman -- rife with suggestion and curiosity. Of course, he's also well out of his league. Anyone else enjoy the huge logic error in Oliver being at Ray's base while Ray is out as The Atom? The cops are looking after him, you don't think they're gonna be a little suspicious of The Atom flying in and out of the building that Queen's in?

But what's the deal with the writers trying to make Ray more and more like Felicity? As enjoyable as they're making his character lately, it's all just taking from Felicity. I mean, it's practically like they just crossed out her name and put Ray's in its place. Okay, you're trying to build to the new spin-off show, don't do it at the sacrifice of your original characters.

So apparently meta-humans are crossing over into Arrow. I'm glad that the first one included on the show is played by the wonderful Doug Jones, but it's a far cry from the more serious tone the show had pre-Flash. At least Jones is fantastic in the role which feels more devious than it could have been and that's credit to his presence. He never goes too far with the non-verbal side, always providing just the right amount of expression. Some of his lines could have been rewritten (seriously, "I love the light" is just terrible) but I enjoy his performance too much to rag on anything outside that.

Is anyone else ready for the flashback story to be over? I was fun when it was on the island but it's just lost its appeal. They really need to make a return to the island before the show has too many weak points to stand on its own. They tried to fake out the audience with Roy's death but it felt so anti-climactic that they're lucky they weren't stupid enough to have actually kill him or the fan-base would be irate. It seems they just like to kill someone off whenever they want to be edgy. Oh yeah...

Thea is dead. She's actually gone. I mean, I'm not saying I hated her character but... Jesus I fucking loathed her character. At least we got Thea crying one more time before she left us. God knows we don't have enough footage of that. As soon as R'as showed up, I knew what was going down so I may have smiled a wee bit. And the fight scene was pretty impressive. Thea showed off some moves while R'as brushed them off with ease. It built him precisely how they needed to. I was practically jumping for joy when the death I was hoping would happen finally did... but oh wait -- look at the next episode. Thea's alive again! God dammit.

I think this episode proved that the series really needs to just be cut down some episodes. Apparently they just have too much time to fill. It's becoming more Smallville and less of what made the show so enjoyable in the first place. After witnessing a show that does things so right, it's hard to see a show keep doing so wrong. I have faith that it can pick up, but with 4 episodes left in the season, time is running out.
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