TV Review: "Arrow", 3x20: "The Fallen"

If you've been following these reviews then you know that I've become increasingly frustrated with the show as of late. The series I got hooked on has turned into a shell its former self. Now that the final episodes are really kicking in has the show finally recovered or is it just continuing down the rabbit hole of crappiness? Well, it's a little bit of both.

Ugh why can't Thea just die already? Arrow is the absolute worst when it comes to "This person is dead! . . . Just kidding, you didn't actually think we'd kill one of our leads did you?" And this seems to be happening a lot lately. In fact, most meaningful events on the show are easily erased a couple episodes later. I'm not frustrated with this season at all... nope, not at all.

I feel like the writer's need to be reminded that flashback Oliver isn't nearly as wise as present day Oliver. I know this seems obvious but they seem to forget that on a fairly regular basis. And at this point I'm certain those flashback sequences are only in place to amp up the action. They've added so little to the overall scheme of things that it becomes frustrating whenever time is devoted to it.

Hey I actually like Ray! I doubt that has anything to do with the fact that he ended things with Felicity. Coincidence. Anyhoo, Ray being a genuinely good guy should make any rewatches a little easier to go down (not sure when I'll ever be rewatching this subpar season though). Still doesn't help the fact that Felicity behaved rather uncharacteristically throughout most of her romance.

But woah did Olicity take an unexpectedly delightful turn. They had a full blown sex scene! But Jesus does this just fully prove why I am growing to hate this show. The writer's ended the relationship, when it had been built up throughout all of season 2, at the start of season 3. Rather than building up to their eventual hookup, it came out of nowhere, in the same episode that her and Ray broke up. That doesn't do service to it at all.

Sidenote: I'm probably the only person in the world that realized this but oh hey, the head surgeon was Billy's mom in Black X-Mas. As I said, only person in the world...

Why the fuck does Thea have superpowers now? And why does she have super selective memory for all of five minutes then she's perfectly fine? Okay, I understand that they're trying to change her character a bit but Jesus Christ, don't ruin the show to do it. It's getting to the point of embarrassment and it's all exhausting. 

God am I sounding negative or what. That feels like what these reviews have become. I swear, I do like some stuff going on. Felicity looked particularly stunning in this episode. And... see there was. Wait! R'as! R'as was good as always. Seriously his conversation with Felicity was chilling. Not to mention that badass ending. I can only imagine how this season is going to end, what with Oliver now being sworn into the League of Assassin's. Funny how that "League Mark" looked just like an Arrow.

I'm intrigued, at least for another week...
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