Why I´m Mega Excited For "Ant-Man"

The new trailer for Ant-Man rocked my world for various reasons.

First, let’s discuss the films status in the geek-o-sphere. Since Edgar Wright left the project, Marvel fans, superhero fans, and films fans in general feel less than enthused about the project. I can understand why. Wright is a truly unique voice in mainstream filmmaking. His style is off-kilter and carries an undeniable energy unlike most other directors working today. His films balance razor sharp wit, elaborate set pieces and earnest emotion in equal measure. So when a director with so much talent is attached to a comic book property and not just a any comic book property-a fucking MARVEL film, you can bet your back issues people are going to be hype. Alas, twas not meant to be and Peyton Reed, a director with nary a stand-out film on his resume was chosen to take up the reigns.

Yea, I was bummed out too. I didn’t give up hope, however. While not every MCU film has won me over, they have delivered enough surprises and thrills to earn some benefit of the doubt. I mean, it seems that Marvel has been doubted at every single turn. Robert Downey Jr’s casting as Iron Man was questioned. Chris Hemsworth was, shockingly enough, thought of as too scrawny to play The God of Thunder. Fans bitched that The Human Torch would be playing Captain America. The possibility of The Avengers working with so many characters was a major concern. What! Those Russo guys have only done TV comedy! They can’t do The Winter Soldier! Remember when Guardians of the Galaxy was gonna be Marvels first flop? Yea, now that prediction is being thrown at Ant-Man. Come on people, have a little faith.

Let’s discuss the new trailer, shall we? Well, I fell head over heels in love with it. Something about the style of it reminded me of classic 80s family adventure films like The Goonies, Explorers, Innerspace or surprisingly, Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Hmm I don’t know where I got that last one either.

Those all seem like totally random comparisons and to be honest I can’t pin down why the trailer gave that feeling, other than it shot me with a bolt of some nebulous nostalgia that brought me back to childhood.

The visuals look off the charts insane. Like Guardians before it, Ant-Man seems to be taking its concept and running with it. The money shots in this trailer don’t feel like any blockbuster we’ve had in quite some time. We are going to explore places and surfaces that would be mundane in everyday life, but through the eyes of Ant-Man these places take on a whole new dynamic. I can’t wait to see how that battle in the children’s room plays out. If Reed knows what he’s doing, he could deliver a film on par with Guardians on the refreshing scale.

Another reason why I’m stoked for this film is because Ant-Man, all three of them, is one of Marvels best supporting characters. For a guy that’s never really carried his own continuing book, he has a long and varied history fraught with drama and conflict. Pym, Lang and O’Grady are all wildly different people with their own unique hang-ups and obstacles to overcome. Pym is a tormented kind of guy, seemingly always on the verge of a breakdown. He’s a good guy, but has done some questionable things. Scott Lang fits in with the likes of Peter Parker as a down on his luck schmuck. Lang however, was a thief before he donned the Ant-Man suit. Eric O’Grady is, for the lack of a better word, a dick. If you think Stark has his moments of assholery, wait to till you read up on Eric O’Grady.

With two of the three Ant-Men present in the film, we can hope the script manages to tap into what makes these guy so compelling. I get the the slightest inkling Michael Douglas’s Hank Pym may not be just the nice old mentor he looks like in the trailers. Let’s hope some of his less desirable traits are highlighted.

So there you have it. Ant-Man looks like a blast in the vein of Marvels best. So if you’re on the fence about it, don’t be. I think Marvel has earned some trust.

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