Supergirl: A Look At The Pilot And Where It Can Go

This is the pilot so I'm not entirely positive if there will be some changes once the series debuts in the fall but I really hope there are. There are going to be some spoilers ahead but if you watched the series trailer, then I'm not spoiling anything you don't already know.

I'll be honest, I was pretty excited when they announced they were going to be making a "Supergirl" TV show. Having Melissa Benoist cast as the lead was just icing on the cake. Then Arrow had a very poor season and I lost a little faith in the superhero TV genre. For some reason, people have difficulty just treating them as TV shows that need to be good. They just throw as much crap at the wall from the comics, and see what sticks (see: League of Assassin's in Arrow). Still, after being impressed with the trailer I figured it could be a fun time. 

After the opening scene, I will say that it's not off to a great start. The acting is bad. Like really really bad. I watch both Flash and Arrow, so I'm treated to a few iffy performances every now and then but that was seriously some of the worst acting I've seen on a prime time show. The entire opening needs to be cut. Don't believe me? Kara's adoptive mother, upon meeting her for the FIRST TIME, says, "No, I'm not your mom sweetheart. But you'll be safe here." And she's not even the worst part of the opening.

Thankfully the show picks up almost immediately once Melissa Benoist is introduced. I can't help but love her. She seems to be channeling Christopher Reeves' Clark Kent and it's working out well. She's strong enough that I can easily see her carrying the show. Plus, seeing her in that Supergirl costume may have just made my life complete. Seriously, look at this thing.

Am I the only one that kept finding it really weird to hear Danvers over and over? Being more of a Marvel fan than DC, the only Danvers I know is Carol Danvers AKA Captain Marvel so to repeatedly hear it is odd. Wasn't her name Linda Lee in the movie? While this shows my ignorance to the character and her comic book origins, I can't help but wonder why they didn't change the name? I mean, she's not being called Linda Danvers (her comic counterpart) so they easily could have changed it and avoided conflict with a certain Marvel character that's getting ready to make her first appearance.

Remember that trailer that seemed like it was a couple episodes compiled? Yeah, that was all from the pilot. Kara is rescuing the plane almost immediately. And this is after they've set up Superman as being a very active hero in this world. So why on earth did he not just save the plane? Why didn't Kara just figure he was going to do it? I get that she's in National City and he's in Metropolis, but anyone that knows anything about Superman knows how global his reach is. Especially when it comes to airplanes going down. All it would have taken was a little line about Superman going out into space and not being seen for several weeks. Or just don't set Superman up so much during the opening ten minutes so that we as the viewer don't expect as much. Oh well, at least we actually get a look at Superman in this.

I'm calling it now, Calista Flockhart will absolutely be the best thing about this show. She controls every scene she's in and is an absolute highlight from the pilot. Her dialogue is sharp and her character feels familiar but without ever going too "Devil Wears Prada." I hope her role gets expanded as the series continues and they add some layers rather than just leaving her as "Bitch Boss."

Jimmy Olsen is apparently black, keeping with Berlanti's recent trend of random race swaps. I doubt it'll affect the show much. Oh wait, they're treating him as the go-between for Superman and Kara? Ugh. That's just poor writing. It also appears as though Jimmy is going to be one of Kara's love interests which is fine since Mechad Brooks is a charismatic individual. And they definitely teased more romance with the IT guy so I take it they're going to be taking the Twilight approach. I have a feeling that fans are going to be siding with Winn. Speaking of "Winn the IT guy", Kara's confession to him on the rooftop felt very forced. Again, this episode really should have been expanded to several episodes. It consistently feels too rushed.

Which is really something that encompasses this entire pilot: feeling very forced. Nothing ever comes about naturally, it's all just a series of ridiculous coincidences. And is her reasoning for becoming a Superhero seriously that she needed to save her sister from a plane crash? She's been in National City a while and you're saying that there was never some event that caused her to use her powers for good? That's one way to make your lead seem super selfish...

So they're keeping Daily Planet as Superman's newspaper and The Tribune is for Supergirl? I'm pretty sure someone needs to explain to the writers that that's not how newspapers work. I'm fairly certain the papers would be reporting on any big heroic event, regardless of what city its in. The Tribune doesn't need its own hero to report on.

Truthfully, the ending may have been enough for me to not want to continue with the series. Know how I was complaining a bunch about the terrible acting in the opening? Yeah, well one of the main culprits, Alura Zor-El, apparently has a twin sister. And she's the main villain. So I'm thinking that my desire for her character to be cut out completely/recast is probably out the window. That's unfortunate because Laura Benanti may be one of the worst actresses I've ever seen on a primetime TV show. I shit you not, just watch the pilot and keep telling yourself that it's actually happening. That woman is actually acting like that.

The content of the pilot is enough to have been spread throughout at least half of the first season. The entire pilot should have been a less rushed version of the first 25 minutes instead of what we got. Sure, they set up plenty of villains for the remainder of the season, but it feels more like a video game than a serious TV show. With Benoist in the driver's seat, the show still has plenty of potential but the issues that come with Berlanti's writing is still present. Here's hoping they stick with what works (Benoist, Flockhart, The Suit) and drop what doesn't (The Flashbacks, Rushed Plot, Escaped Prisoner Gimmick). I'll stick with the series for a few episodes, but I can already tell it's going to take a lot to make me want to watch more.
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