TV Review: "Arrow", 3x22: "This Is Your Sword"

Is Team Arrow still suffering from the weirdest amnesia ever? Did they actually go through with the wedding of Ollie and Nyssa? Most importantly, is Oliver actually evil? Well guess what? We actually get some answers this week!

Oliver actually isn't a bad guy and has been planning on taking down the League of Assassins from day one. What a shocker! Just kidding, I'm pretty sure no one in their right mind would be convinced that Oliver actually switched sides. Wait, his friends totally thought that even though they themselves have participated in plans that relied on more deception? Well, we can't win 'em all.

They're finally giving Malcolm Merlyn something to do! (read my annoyance with that last week, here) Hallelujah. While I certainly didn't expect them to suddenly make him THAT relevant, his inclusion in Oliver's scheme makes sense. Malcolm has a grudge against the league, regardless of the hit on his life no longer being active. But can't the guy catch a break? I feel like he's been decently trustworthy, and the times he was not, there was solid reasoning behind it. He's no longer the Big Bad, you'd think they'd at least tolerate him after several times of him helping them out. Yes, I know what happened towards the end of the episode. I'm still saying that was all part of the plan.

How on earth is Tatsu's appearance supposed to have convinced Team Arrow to trust Merlyn? They shouldn't really know much of anything about his Hong Kong adventures, let alone that she's good, so it doesn't make much sense. And does this mean I can finally call her Katana? Because she's Katana and she's a badass. Her costume was absolutely killer. Also, I really wish Laurel had brown hair when she was dressed up as the Canary. The costume finally looked right on her.

Maseo's death was a tad unexpected given that since he's been a somewhat important character all season and he just died randomly in the middle of the episode, but I wish it'd been treated with a little more care. Does this mean we're up for even more Arrow death's in the finale? I'm not sure, but they do, I know someone's name that starts with a "T" that is beyond cuttable. 

Another reference to "Ferris Air" (that's the company that Hal Jordan worked for ((that's he Green Lantern FYI)) makes me just wish they'd give us some kind of Lantern sighting. All it would take is references and a flash of green in the sky. I just want to know that he lives in that world.

Is this seriously the episode we got Roy back? I thought he was just gonna be in the finale which I thought meant a totally awesome Arsenal unveiling. Nope, instead we get a moment that should have been had during his first departure. All this was, was Roy leaving 2.0 with absolutely no stakes involved. Looks like we're gonna get Thea in the Arsenal outfit though. Joy.

How many times does Oliver have to say "Trust me" until his BEST FRIENDS understand that? They are consistently making some of the most contrived decisions any character has made on a television show ever. Do I sound like I'm being a little hyperbolic? Sorry, out of character moments annoy me and this season of Arrow has had those in abundance. Oliver spent a month on Nanda Parbat and Team Arrow can't even wait an hour for his plan to come to fruition. Pathetic.

Oh my god, I can't believe they killed off all of Team Arrow and Oliver is now married to Nyssa. Yeah, just kidding. You can't fool me. You know, this episode left me thinking, I bet if someone edited season three into a 90 minute movie, it actually wouldn't be so bad. But as it is? Yeah, fuck whatever this has become.

Between Gorilla Grodd on The Flash, and the crazy flying sequences with The Atom, I sometimes can't believe I'm watching TV. It's amazing how far things have come in special effects. Sure, sometimes it can look awkward, but given the quick production schedule that TV shows run on, it's been a consistently impressive feat across both CW shows. With CBS getting in the superhero business with Supergirl, my only question is can they raise the bar with what is sure to be a flying spectacular?
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