TV Review: "Arrow", 3x23: "My Name is Oliver Queen"

It's weird, for the first time in months, I find myself really excited about Arrow. I had been forcing myself to watch it every week (and I live in Colorado, so watching the East Coast feed is… challenging) and as with anything that you force yourself to do, I was growing to hate it. So it's refreshing to find myself excited for an episode of Arrow again. Did they mess it up? Is enough left for an intriguing season four? Let's find out.

Malcolm being the one to save Team Arrow from the virus was just too good. He has been consistently proving himself as a reliable ally (which I hoped would further explored in season four but that seems unlikely now). But the continuation of the "Let's be mad at Oliver even though we've consistently found out that he's doing it to save us" mindset is still batshit insane. In fact, Diggle and Felicity have turned into the equivalent of Super Thea. Whining, nonsensical, immature, and lacking foresight. Yay…

Speaking of Thea, she definitely looked like a badass in that Arsenal outfit. Does this mean she's finally going to be taking on the Speedy alias instead of Red Arrow? With how much they've teased it over the years, it wouldn't surprise me. I'm confused though, she wasn't around for Malcolm's inoculation, so how is she not convulsing on the ground when the virus is released?

"You guys have a hot tub?"
"Whoa, this is like a real dungeon."
"Thanks Felicity, you just outed my identity to a super villain."

It's really hard not to love Barry Allen. We got further proof as to why The Flash is a more fun show than Arrow nowadays with those lines of gold. In fact, Barry's appearance was more fun than I've had with this show in ages. If you look back at the first season they balanced the epic with the fun. I usually found myself grinning ear to ear throughout an episode, but now it's just wading through the terrible character decisions and just hoping something doesn't happen that will piss me off.

Katana is just going back into solitude? While I like that this leaves the door open for her return, I was hoping she may have some more involvement in the show, especially given her role in all the flashbacks.

Speaking of flashbacks, it was nice to see a darker Oliver. I truly hope that next season we get a more cold and calculated killer. Given that there's only two more seasons until the flashbacks theoretically would catch up with Oliver leaving the island, it certainly makes sense if he's further down that path sooner rather than later.

All that build up and THAT is how Oliver reveals his intentions to R'as? I'm sorry but that is just bad, bad, bad writing. Given how well the Slade storyline was handled last season, it's extremely discouraging to see a season-long arc mishandled. Their fight at the end certainly left a lot to be desired. I'd say it wasn't even the best fight of the episode, let alone the season. 

"There's an attack on the city? Must be May" could be my favorite line of the season. It's just meta enough without going too overboard.

The cops showing up at the R'as/Oliver fight was one of the stupidest moments in the show. They already had so much going on yet they needed that to put Oliver in even more peril? They could have accomplished the same thing with having R'as be the one to injure Oliver. At least we got that cool moment of Felicity in the Atom outfit. But didn't Oliver take like three sniper shots? He seemed to take them pretty well given how he behaved with Felicity right after. Oh wait, apparently the League of Assassin's uniform is super strong according to Nyssa.Ugh.

So let's see how everything ended up: Malcolm is the new R'as, Thea is officially Speedy, Ray blew himself up trying to do work on his Atom suit and Oliver has retired from being The Arrow. Oh and we finally got our Olicity romance made official. Yayyy! All in all, on paper, everything has been set up for an intriguing Season Four. Given the lack of execution this season, it's hard not to be a little worried still. The show had a lot of problems this season but thankfully a new season can also mean a new direction/creative team. We should be able to know pretty quickly into season four if that's the case. I know that if I see an inkling of resemblance to Season Three, I won't be sticking around long.
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