Comic Review: "Amiculus" Volume 1: Roma Aeterna

 What's that?! A comic book review on Wolf in a Gorilla Suit? Say it ain't so! Yes, as we are forever expanding our coverage of pop culture, what better time to showcase a graphic novel here or there. First up is a showcase on an independent graphic novel by Travis Horseman: Amiculus Volume 1.

The story is well paced, if not a little confusing given its heavy Roman Empire lore. There are a lot of people and places named throughout that I'm sure a historian would get a kick out of but I found it to be more unnecessary than vital to my understanding of the story. I found myself having to read the book twice just to make sure I understood everything.

The first book is mostly just set-up and it's a little hard to get through but things pick up once the history of Amiculus kicks in. The exchange between the Magister and Romulus was definitely the highlight of the story. I'm really curious to see the arc that he goes through and whether or not he perseveres.

The art is really good but the colors pop a little too much for the content. It ends up making a lot of the panels look like they are straight out of clip art, which is a huge disservice to the art itself. The only time the colors aren't distracting and out of place are in the flashbacks where they take on a more muted tone. It added to the epicness and really made me wish that the entire book was done like this.

The artist's style seems to favor more pastel coloring (and when hints of this are shown, the comic is at its best) but as is, it seems to clash with that of the colorist.

The dialogue can be a little stiff but I feel that's more indicative of the times than anything. There are several good lines throughout, my favorite being "Words are power, men live and die by them. A stray syllable, a letter out of place ,and chaos erupts where order would reign."

After finishing Volume 1 I'm left with more questions than I have answers but that's okay, it just makes me more intrigued for the second. What has been setup seems as though it will have an epic conclusion. Coloring issues aside, I found myself enjoying Amiculus Volume 1: Roma Aeterna and I look forward to what its future holds.
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