E3 2015: A Dream Wishlist

With E3 now upon us, it's easy to get excited about all of the games that have been announced for the event: Fallout 4, XCOM 2, Mass Effect 4, Mirror's Edge 2, Star Wars Battlefront, along with a litany of others. Many of these games would have been on our dream wishlist last year, with little hope that some would be upon us so soon, yet here we are. This is the game industry's premiere event and they're pulling out all the stops for it. But there's one problem: we knew about these games far in advance.

All of these games have either been rumored or confirmed by their developer prior to E3. The days of surprise games appear to be over. Wanting to bring back some of excitement of the unknown, I wanted to compile a list of games that would blow our minds if they were announced at E3 in a week. Will they happen? Not likely, but a man can dream. Let's get started.

A Treyarch "Spider-man" Game

Treyarch's Spider-man 2 was one of the most fun games on PS2/XBOX when it was released in 2004. Being able to swing around the open city of New York brought about a freedom that hadn't really been felt before it. I want that again. Really the Treyarch part doesn't matter that much; other studios can produce a great game, and that's all I ask: producing a great game. I just want a Spider-man game that actually lives up to its name.

Current Gen consoles have one Spidey game: The Amazing Spider-man 2 and truthfully it's one of the worst games I've ever played. The controls are clunky and it looks like it came out at the beginning of the Xbox 360's run. Just give us something that utilizes the many stories of the comics and gives us a Peter Parker adventure in beautiful HD.

The Elder Scrolls VI 

This game is going to happen, it's all just a matter of when. Unfortunately, Bethesda is known for very long times in between games and with the recent release of Elder Scrolls Online and the announcement of Fallout 4, it makes this game probably the least likely to be announced on the list. That doesn't make me want it any less though. Even four years after it's original release, Skyrim still has one of the most active communities in all of gaming, a testament to the quality of Bethesda's work. The world of Tamriel is so vast and the gameplay is so satisfying that it's hard not to have this at the top of my wishlist.

Red Dead Redemption 2 

As someone who played Red Dead Revolver when it first came out, I can't even begin to describe how much Redemption blew my mind. And with Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V proving just how seamless and real a sandbox game can be, a trip back into the Old West is exactly what this gamer wants. The idea of an online mode in the Old West is enough to make any Western fan salivate. Add to that the story which is just begging to utilize GTA V's three-person character dynamic, and you've got what is potentially the greatest western game of all time.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3 

There is no game in the history of all of gaming that I want more than KOTOR 3. Being that the first two are my favorite games of all time, it's hard not to get excited at even the thought of a third adventure. While Bioware's The Old Republic is going strong in its third year, an MMO doesn't quite satisfy the character driven world of KOTOR. The mechanics get old and it takes a lot to grind through to the stories we want. While The Old Republic is likely the closest we'll ever get to seeing a third installment, I still hold out hope something bigger is on the horizon. Please.

I'd say most of these have a zero percent chance of being announced this week, with the most probable candidate being a Spider-man video game just in that it would be the cheapest to produce. Even if we aren't treated to any of these games this week, at least we know that with the stellar E3 announcements, the sky is the limit for next year.
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