I Finally Figured Out What Bothered Me About "Age of Ultron"

Finally! Finally! Ever since coming out of the theater after watching Age of Ultron I knew something about it was off. Don't get me wrong: I loved every single second of this movie and I can't wait to get my hands on the already announced director's cut, but I knew on the back of my head something was bothering it and I finally figured it out.

Me being all introspective and shit trying to figure this out.
Age of Ultron is inconsequential.

While the first Avengers movie changes the whole status quo of the MCU, Age of Ultron, just is. Neither the characters nor the world are changed from the events on the movie.

By the end of the first Avengers movie we have Tony completing the character arc that started since Iron Man by doing an act of self sacrifice, Capitan America is now a part of the modern world again and he is about to start working for S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Hulk is no longer in isolation but rather he embraced his Hulkness and is now working with Tony. The world changed, the characters changed. 

But what about Age of Ultron

By the end of that movie none of the characters have gone through any meaningful change. Even after Tony heard the "Man Was Not Meant to Meddle Medley" his solution for kicking Ultron's ass is to create another A.I. in the hopes that this one does not go all hatchety murdery.

Capitan America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, not any of the characters have any meaningful arc and this is later confirmed in Agents of SHIELD, when after everything that happened everyone is like "Humanity annihilating robot? It's probably just May".

And just like The Damn Beast pointed out, as a character, even  Hulk regresses to his Pre-Avengers status quo: isolation, in what's probably a way to have him out of Civil War.

Yeah, I get what Whedon was going for a more introspective kind of movie and hey, he did that but The Avengers movies are meant to be what big comic events like House of M, Civil War and currently Secret Wars do to the comics: change the status quo. Age of Ultron fails completely in that aspect and I did not see that coming.

I love every single minute of this movie and it is one of the greatest cinematic experiences I have ever had but if the event of Age of Ultron had never happened, I believe not much would have changed in the big scheme.

I remember coming out of Avengers 1 thinking "Whoa, hundreds of possibilities just opened up" and when coming out of Age of Ultron I was just like "Well, that was amazing, but that was it."

Winter Soldier changed the status quo in one of the ballsiest way ever, and even added a new layer to the overall narrative of the increasingly monstrous MCU. Apparently the big change in status quo will come during Civil War.

For the sake of the MCU, I truly hope so.

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