Why Are We So Hyped About "Fallout 4"? Because "Fallout 3"

I have been a gamer for my whole life, I have thousands of memories related to my life as a gamer, and one of my most treasured ones comes from Fallout 3.

I was 16 years old when Fallout 3 came out and it was the first western RPG that I played; my mind could not grasp what I was about to experience. I remember coming out of Vault 101 and experiencing, for the first time in my gaming life, a sense of awe.

I was intimidated by this massive open world. There was just one objective ("Find Dad") and that was it. Nothing else. Just a world of possibilities. See, your Main Quest told you to go to the nearby town of Megaton, but the fact that everything that touched my eye was an actual, explorable part of the Capital Wasteland was just perplexing for me at the time.

From that moment on I was absolutely hooked by this game. In fact, Fallout 3 is the first game in which I logged more than 100 hours of gameplay (The second was Ninja Gaiden 2 in what I like to call gameplay study but might have just been masochism).

After Fallout 4 was announced this week I was flooded with memories from 3 and my experience in the Capital Wasteland, but this one has always been my dearest.

The first big choice I faced while playing the game was this one: Will you blow Megaton up and live in the luxurious Tennpenny Tower or will you deactivate the atomic bomb at the center of Megaton and get a humble house in the city?

Fun Fact: In the Japanese version of the game you could not make the bomb go off.

You will never guess what I did.
After the most nerve wrecking 30 seconds of personal moral debate with myself I chose I wanted to live with the rich kids. I became that somebody in the phrase "Somebody set up us the bomb".

I was about to get the first taste of just how different and awesome this game was compared to everything I had ever played; When the little cinematic ended I got this notification: "Wasteland Survival Guide Quest: Failed".

Turns out I had just failed a side quest because the quest giver lived on the city that I just blew up.

Holy shit, the stakes were real. After that moment I triple guessed every decision I had to take on the game, but since I´m a real man I decided not to reload and carry on with my choices, hey I was getting a kick ass loft.

Ordinary people would kill for a bed on the Nuclear Wasteland, extraordinary people set up nukes.
I was kinda happy with my choice trying not to remember just how nice everyone in Megaton was, a thing that was hard to do considering just how annoying were all of my asshole rich neighbors. I was living among former slavers, drunks, racists and entitled rich fucks; seriously everyone except Herbert Dashwood was an asshole, I could have them all killed and feel no remorse.

Enter Roy Phillips:

Roy and his group of Ghouls have amassed a fortune big enough that they can afford a loft in Tanpenny Tower, the only thing is that all the residents of Tanpenny are super racist and will not allow them to move in, of course Roy is rightfully angry. Using some creative thinking Roy tells you that if you help he and his ghouls in, he will take over Tanpenny Tower from the residents and take his rightful place as a proud owner of a Tanpenny Suite.

Of course, I agreed.

I stole the back door key from my man Herbert and then allowed Roy in, and this is where the magic happened. This is the first time I experienced true emergence in a video game. Roy and his Ghouls where all jolly and happy killing everyone in the tower, with my help of course, and then I made a big accidental mistake.

I shot Roy.

He and his Ghouls immediately attacked me. I was a threat now. By the end of the day the Ghouls had killed all the residents and I had killed all the ghouls. I was left with a destroyed Tenpenny Tower that was devoid of all life, but at least my loft was still looking rad:

This blew my mind for so many reasons, but the biggest one was that suddenly something that was not an actual game objective or something that I knew could happen had just happened. In any other game either the ghouls or the residents would have won and that was it. But here, my real time choices, a mistake, had generated a third possible outcome, one that was completely unexpected to me.

Between the intimidating size of the world and this experience, I was convinced that for the time in my life I was playing a game that was an actual sandbox, a place of near infinite unpredictable possibilities. Even nowadays, so much later, it's still a mindblowing dynamic not many games bother with.

So if you were one of those surprised by the gamer community's reaction to the news of Fallout 4's impending release, or if you were wondering just what the big deal was, now you know. I am ecstatic about Fallout 4. After seven years it is finally happening, we are going back to the Nuclear Wasteland where hundreds of possibilities are waiting to be discovered.

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