San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Round-Up

Comic-Con 2015 is wrapping up and boy has it been a doozy. Some thought that with Marvel skipping it in lieu of D23, we may be in for a lackluster year but it was anything but. From a surprise appearance by the Suicide Squad cast, to Luke, Han, and Leia reuniting in front of our eyes for the first time in decades, this year certainly had its fair share of wonderful moments. Hell, we even got a first appearance in Hall H by Bill Murray himself! But let's take a look at some of the moments that stood out the most and really got our geek flag flying.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Sure, it wasn't a brand new trailer, but it still provided us with some of the most goosebump-inducing moments of the Con. Seeing the everything going on Behind the Scenes really just solidifies that this is all real and actually happening. This is not some dream where someone has taken it upon themselves to make up for the terrible prequels. This is real life and that person is JJ Abrams. The video, and presentation, was designed to set up just how practical they're going with this film, showing off the various creatures that were used during production. An interesting point made by Kathleen Kennedy is that they were bringing back shadows, something that if you think back to the prequels, they didn't really exist. Everything always seemed to be perfectly lit, aside from overly dramatic moments. That takes away from the reality and the team behind Force Awakens seems to understand that at its most base level.

As a huge Star Wars fan, I've already been sold on this film since its initial announcement, but this just raises the bar even further. December can't get here soon enough.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

What a trailer! We finally get a glimpse at the plot (which has been leaked for months but we'll forget that for a moment), Wonder Woman, and a scolding Bruce Wayne! Looks as though The Joker will have some kind of presence, even if he doesn't show up physically in the actual film.

I'm still a tad skeptical. Snyder has always known how to throw together a great, great trailer. Usually it doesn't translate so well to the final product. I've been burned too many times in the past by him to not be cautious. Plus, that Superman/Batman fight looked like a mixture of Man of Steel and Matrix Revolutions, which I can't say is exactly a positive. Still, I am excited to see how this turns out, as its implications for the rest of the DCCU are very apparent.

Suicide Squad
I'm not going to kill you, I'm just gonna hurt you really, really bad.
A big surprise in Hall H? Noooo. While Suicide Squad wasn't officially listed, most people assumed that they'd be making some kind of appearance during the Warner Bros. panel and boy did that happen. The entire cast (sans Leto) showed up even though they had been filming in Toronto the night before. Pretty impressive.

The real show came with the first footage, that showcased everyone involved. It seems unlikely this will be appearing online so feel free to go check out trailer descriptions. It's a doozy. I was lucky enough to watch the footage and, as someone who hasn't cared at all about Suicide Squad, it does have potential. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn looks like as she should (although I couldn't really get a good grasp on her voice) and Killer Croc looks a lot better on screen than he does in the promotional image released. The real showstealer was Leto's Joker who comes across as a mixture of Hamill/Ledger, which is exactly what I expected from him. I'm still not sold on the look, but at least he manages the crazy well.

Fantastic Four

No trailer has been released to the general public just yet, but given that they movie releases very shortly, I would't be surprised to see it pop up online at some point. Apparently we finally get a good glimpse at Tony Kebbel's Dr. Doom and it is incredible. For something that many people were dogging when behind the scenes pics came out, it certainly seems like this is a major 180.

Unfortunately, for a movie that really needed to wow Hall H, it seemed to get lost in the shuffle, with people caring more about X-Men and Deadpool, which is to be expected. I will still hoping from a little more out of them, given that the film has had such an uphill struggle but either they've given up hope for a massive opening, or they think that it'll do fine with their current marketing plan. I'm not so sure I agree with them.


Receiving a standing ovation at Comic-Con and having your trailer shown twice during a panel is usually a damn good sign. Well that's what happened with Deadpool as it wowed everyone with it's first look trailer. Again, we didn't receive a trailer online like some of the other films, but apparently the one that they showed in Hall H was the star of Comic-Con 2015. It showed off plenty of swearing and fourth-wall breaking.

The panel itself may have broken the record for most swearing in Hall H, but never has it been more appropriate for a movie. This is a Hard R film that needs to be presented as such in order to bring in the audience it's looking for. I have no doubt that Deadpool will do ridiculous numbers when it comes out next year as long as they stick with this current marketing plan, because they are absolutely killing it.

X-Men: Apocalypse

The film has only been shooting for 5 weeks, yet they still managed to throw together some footage for Hall H. That's how you do it! Keeping with the trend, this footage has not been made available to the public outside of leaked cam vids, but apparently Apocalypse looks very traditional and menacing and any new characters shown appear exactly how we'd think they would. Singer has been really good lately about staying true to comic appearances, so this isn't a big surprise but in the wake of DC and their "Do it however you want" approach, it's comforting to know Singer actually cares about the source material. Channing Tatum even showed up (complete with Gambit haircut) to take part in the festivities, although he hasn't been confirmed for any film outside of his solo film. Jackman also managed to throw in a little tease about the upcoming Wolverine film, implying that the film will be based around the popular, "Old Man Logan" comic book series.

Here's hoping we get a look at Apocalypse soon!

The Hateful Eight

Tarantino certainly does love him some 70mm film. The panel seemed to be more of a "Film rocks and digital is raping our wives" rant from QT, but we were able to get some new snippets of information about the film. Sergio Leone's usual composer Ennio Morricone has been announced as doing the score, which will make it his first Western score in 40 years. It seems that QT is trying to make this film really standout in his already impressive catalogue.

Quentin also mentioned that he will be doing another Western film after Hateful 8 because, according to him, you need to direct three in order to be considered a "western director." So we have yet another genre-bending Western to look forward to in the future. I know I'll be the first one in line for it.

Overall, I'd say that this year's Comic-Con was one of the better ones we've gotten in recent years. Marvel sitting out didn't do much to damper the festivities and Fox was really able to come in and steal the show with their presentations. I'm glad to see that movie studio's are still treating SDCC like the mecca for blockbuster movie news and hope that trend continues and it doesn't revert back to last years boring mess.
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