4 Reasons You Should Give "Terminator Genisys" A Chance

When a sequel happens without its original cast, people can go crazy. When it appears to retcon a bunch of stuff from the films that were so loved, people can go batshit insane. According to fan boys all over the internet, this was Terminator Genisys. Except that this film starred Arnold Schwarzenneger and it didn't retcon anything. Yet these are still the excuses I've seen used to hate the movie without even giving it a fair chance. It's been flabbergasting but unabashed hatred seems to be the trend for sequels to beloved franchises lately.

So, being the activist I am, I felt the need to spread the word about Terminator Genisys and let you know that it's good. No, I'm being 100% serious right now. Look, I know that most of the promotion for it was a big turn off but just bare with me for a couple minutes. I promise, things are not as bleak as some people may have lead you to believe. If you like the Terminator series, there's no reason not to get a kick out of this movie. Why? 

Let me counts the ways...

1. It's an Alternate Timeline (Cameron's Films are Safe)

The film is set up as an alternate timeline. You know, something that happens with time travel movies. It's the same reason that Back to the Future Part II had that scene in 'Alternate 1985.' That doesn't mean that all the stuff from 'Original 1985' doesn't still exist, it just means we're going along this alternate storyline. That's how Terminator Genisys is and people are going crazy about it, saying how it erases the first two films. No, it doesn't. Pay attention to the plot and you'll understand that couldn't be further from the truth.

From the very beginning of the film, this is an alternate timeline (we are clued to this by the fact that Kyle's picture of Sarah, that burns during a Terminator attack during the original timeline, is in tact when he is sent into the past) and the movie does a good job to separate itself from the Cameron version. I felt like this could even explain why there is such an appearance difference in the series. Arnold is the one constant which is something I like, given his prominence in the series since the original.

2. The cast is terrific

Emilia Clarke killed it as Sarah Connor. She was strong willed and totally held her own in an action movie. Not too bad for the timid Khaleesi we're used to seeing. I see a lot of complaints about her that I just do not understand. Is she Linda Hamilton? No, but is anyone? She never seems intimidated and appears to know what she's doing, with a confidence that can't be taught. You'd think she'd be cowering and having her accent leak through based on some reactions.

Same goes for Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, whose fan boy hatred seems to follow him wherever he goes. I've seen so many people refer to Courtney as the new Sam Worthington but I can't say I see it. Ever since he popped up in Jack Reacher/Good Day To Die Hard, it was easy to see that he was a star. But a lot of movie buffs fucking hate that. Oh well. If you think Beihn is the pillar of excellence, go and watch his deleted scene from T2 and decide for yourself. I think it's a laughable scene that is fortunately gone from the theatrical cut. Courtney never goes that low, and does a fine job as our male lead.

Honestly, there just isn't a bad apple in the bunch. Jason Clarke's John Connor is probably the best incantation of the character ever, and I don't say that lightly. There's a lot of gravitas with how he carries himself. JK Simmons takes a role that is rumored to play a larger role in the sequels, and given how he is in this film it's not hard to see why. He's the comic relief along with another person that got a surprising amount of laughs -- Arnold Schwarzenneger. He has such a firm grasp on the character that he fits into the world so perfectly; it wouldn't have been the same without him.

3. The "Terminator" moments are killer

By now you've had the "Asian police officer throwing his arm up in the air, turning it into a long blade and being caught and thrown" spoiled for you by the trailers. But don't worry, there's even more unique terminator moments that rival that one. The T-1000 is treated with respect, being a relentless killing machine who takes a lot to go down. There was no watering it down to accommodate a new villain, like so many sequels do.

The use of an X-Ray machine in order to pull one of the Terminators back provides for one of the coolest moments and really helps you appreciate the digital artifact look that the new Terminator has going for it. Gone are the days of the T-1000 goop, this has been expanded upon and revamped to provide for an spectacular anatomical look.

We also get to spend a little more time in the post-Judgment Day future, without going overboard (see: Salvation). I can't help but get a kick out of little glimpses into that world, just as the first film gave us through Reese's haunting dreams. I'm not sure an entire film could be set there and still completely work (again, see: Salvation) but those glimpses help to really drive home what is at stake. That reference point makes all the difference. And I just can't get enough of seeing a bunch of Terminators marching in the rubble with their laser cannons firing.

4. It Reinvigorates the Franchise with Fresh Ideas

This is where I'm going to get into some spoilers so if you haven't seen the film, you should turn back now. Go see Terminator Genisys and decide for yourself if you like the direction they took it in. I, for one, really did and hope we get more Terminator films in the near future. If not, I'll be happy with what we got in what I consider a tremendous final entry.

The one negative, and it's a big one, that I have against Genisys, is with its marketing plan. They spoiled one of the coolest moments in the movie, and something that was kept under wraps throughout production, was now being ruined in the TV spots. I honestly couldn't believe it when I saw the first teaser trailer that spoiled John Connor's role in the film. It made absolutely zero sense and had me wondering if that meant the reveal actually happens quickly and is never treated as a secret. Nope, that couldn't be further from what happened. They completely build up to the moment and leave the audience -- who is well aware of Connor's identity due to the trailers -- to think that Kyle and Sarah are complete idiots for falling for it. Giving the audience more information than the characters are that point was just plain stupid and a really big mistake on Paramount's part.

I didn't really understand this. So people don't like the fact that Arnold is a T-1000, the coolest Terminator around? (notice how there aren't any T-X's around even though they are supposedly "better"). I found it provided one of the best moments of the film, finally giving a literal upgrade to a character that otherwise didn't have enough material for another film. Now he's set up to come back and though the film didn't do amazing, the rights revert back to Cameron in 2019, so if they want to make money off the license, they're going to have to get to producing.

If you're still dead set on hating this film without seeing it, then I can at least say that I tried to convince you otherwise. The film is a really good time at the cinemas, and despite what some critics are saying, there's a lot of people that like it. If you just do yourself a favor and give it a shot, you could be one of them.

I know I am.
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