New on Netflix: September Picks

Netflix has quickly become the prominent way of watching movies and television nowadays due to its versatility. But with the thousands upon thousands of selections, it's hard to find out when new content is available. The stack of unwatched titles begins to pile up and you quickly become overwhelmed. Thankfully you have Wolf in a Gorilla Suit as we compile some of our favorites movies coming to Netflix this month.

Let's get to it.

Rambo 1-3 (September 1st)

If you haven't seen these movies, then you're in for a  treat. While I maintain that the first one is still a fantastic and well made action film (maybe even categorized as a drama) but the second and third reach such absurd levels that its hard not to love them. Just like the Rocky movies, they get worse and worse as the series goes on, but that doesn't mean it's not a lot of fun along the way. That's how Rambo is. Now we can just hope that they add my personal favorite, (John)Rambo.

Hardball (September 1st)

Keanu Reeves as the coach of a little league team in the projects is about as sappy as you'd think it'd be but it manages to have a heart beneath the cheap pulls at your own. I haven't rewatched the film in many years so I'm looking forward to that and hope it doesn't backfire by being terrible. I've never been a Reeves-hater so maybe I'm just more forgiving of something others can't stand, but I'm looking forward to the uplifting story.

And hey, it's the Human Torch.    (Boo. Hiss.)

Sleepy Hollow (September 1st)

This is really the last good "Tim Burton-y" Tim Burton movie. Sure Big Fish and Big Eyes are great but they aren't exactly in line with Burton's usual sensibilities. From Johnny Depp to Christina Ricci to Gothic everything, this is classic Tim Burton. And boy is it dark. There are so many beheadings that I remember being greatly disturbed as a child. Sure, they're quite commonplace nowadays and we expect it at least a dozen times on Game of Thrones each season, but back in 1999? This was brand new territory and it just kept on repeating.

The Monster Squad (September 1st)

This may be my favorite of all the movies added this month and I can't wait to watch it again. If you've never had the pleasure, Monster Squad is pretty much the horror version of the Goonies written by the guy who did Lethal Weapon. Featuring villains such as Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Wolfman, and The Mummy, it's just as badass as it sounds. If you've got little kids and want to get them into horror, this is the perfect appetizer to a fun and expansive genre.

Up In The Air (September 1st)

Not in love with Anna Kendrick? Well if you want to keep it that way then be sure to avoid this fantastic film from Jason Reitman. George Clooney stars as a man who lives a life in the air and on the road, consolidating companies across America. It's a touching journey through what looks to be a cold and calculating life. Unlike Reitman's later work, this film strikes the right chord between drama and comedy.

Moonrise Kingdom (September 16th)

I consider Wes Anderson one of the greatest and most unique director working today and Moonrise Kingdom is no slouch. Featuring that classic charm that Anderson injects into all of his films, this story of young love is enough to satisfy even the most cynical of viewer. It's at the point that you expect Anderson's films to have the best cast around and this one doesn't disappoint, with Edward Norton and Harvey Keitel really standing out this time around.

The Walking Dead: Season Five (September 27th)

Just two weeks before the season six premiere, you better get to binging if you haven't been following along with AMC's hit TV show. That would be me. I can recognize the appeal of WD but I haven't watched consistently since season three, but I understand just how popular this show is. It's all I see on my twitter feed on Sunday nights and seems to rival Game of Thrones in terms of everyone wanting to spoil the show on social media right after it premieres. So I feel like I've been keeping up with the show.

So maybe I'll go through a refresher course via Netflix and join in on all the fun. Being a big fan of horror and not

Comedy Bang! Bang!: Season Four Part 2 (September 13th)

Not being a fan of the Tim and Eric style of humor, I had avoided this series for quite a while. Eventually I gave in and now I can't get enough of this peculiar comedy. The second half of season four features Kid Cudi replacing Reggie Watts and yeah, it's just as crazy as it sounds. Seeing Cudi in the sidekick role provided plenty of laughs in the episodes of saw from this season. I look forward to being able to finish it up (and so quickly after the season ended).

Masters of the Universe (September 1st)

Okay, I'm honestly just putting this on the list because I think that it's so terrible and I think everyone needs to witness just how bad it is. You'd think that Dolph Lundgren would eventually get a grasp on the english language given how intelligent he is but he seems to have gone to the Stallone school of speaking where it's mostly just mumbles. Don't get me wrong though, that makes for one hell of an entertaining movie.

Plus, Frank Langella as Skeletor. Fuck yeah.
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