13 Horror Movies To Watch On Netflix This Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow and you're probably looking for some good genre movies to whet your whistle (that is if you haven't been following along with our 31 Days of Halloween video series). And seeing as how we already give you a list of the best new movies/television shows to Netflix, we figured you may want some horror-specific Netflix recommendations.

Netflix seems to make it harder and harder to find good horror movies in October. Every year they seem to get rid of the bulk of their genre section every October 1st. This year we lost the original Nightmare on Elm Street, a couple Friday the 13th's, The Exorcist, as well as a slew of other movies. But if you were to look at Netflix's "Trending Now" section every night, it's nothing but horror movies. The demand is certainly there!

Unfortunately Netflix seems to like pushing the crappiest of the crappy when it comes to their horror films. All of the B to Z grade shlock is predominant in their listings and you really have to hunt down the gems to make the most out of Netflix in the Fall. So here's a compilation of all the best horror films on US Netflix.


The premise itself should be enough to get you interested, "A woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon." But if that's not enough, the film features great performances by Karen Gillian and Katee Sackhoff and has a twist that will leave you mouth agape.

Rosemary's Baby

This movie is capable of having such a profound effect on people, mostly due to its difficult subject matter. I remember the first time I saw it, I couldn't believe how lost and hopeless I felt, with Roman Polanski doing his best to put yourself in Rosemary's shoes. The cult aspect is handled so realistically that it's not crazy to think that there are groups out there like this. Damn Satanists.

Curse of Chucky

Even if you haven't seen the Child's Play series, Curse is a great entry vehicle. And while I understand its style may not be for everyone, it's able to remain both faithful to the series and create something that feels new. Plus, Don Mancini (the original creator) has taken Chucky back to his terrifying roots, and he's no longer just a jokester.

Hellraiser: Inferno

If you're going to watch any of the Hellraiser films (all of which are on Netflix), this is definitely the one to go with. It features Pinhead enough without being too absurd, while also providing a satisfying story that will leave an impact. Seriously, once that ending hits, you'll be thinking about it for days after.


I always thought the concept of house arrest was intriguing for a haunted house movie, and I think it's fully taken advantage of, drawing parallels between cabin fever and actually seeing ghosts. It gives those that don't believe of the haunting a little more leeway and doesn't immediately just label them as assholes that should be listening to our poor protagonist.

From Dusk Til Dawn

One half Tarantino crime saga, one half Vampire extravaganza, Dawn is a polarizing film for some. There's a pretty big jump in tone once they hit the bar down in Mexico, but that just heightens the impact of the vampires arrival. It's a shame that we haven't gotten George Clooney in any more horror movies.


You better get on this one fast because once November hits, all of the Saw films will be taken off of Netflix. With so many films and so little time left to watch them, prioritizing the first film is the way to go. It's the best of the franchise and feels much more fresh, since there isn't some template that it's forced to follow, unlike the later films.


I'm sure you've already seen this and likely even own a copy (if you don't, you should) but if you don't, here's a good chance to (re)acquaint yourself. They have the rest of the series (except for Scream 4 for some reason) so you can do the trilogy if you want, but I'd just stick with the original, and remain in awe.


A movie about a bunch of mutated killer beavers? How could that not be so incredibly dumb that you'd shut it off in the first five minutes? This movie is actually a lot more fun than it has any right to be. It knows how ridiculous its concept is, and doesn't try to hide that. There isn't any clear-cut heroine, so you follow the character's around, not really knowing which ones will make it through -- if any.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

There's a lot of horror/comedies on here isn't there? I didn't originally intend for that to happen, but it seems to be what Netflix is carrying in the horror department nowadays. It doesn't really get much better than this one either. Ty Labine and Alan Tudyk are tremendous as the dimwitted local folk that always get a bad wrap in horror movies. They're just trying to enjoy their new cabin, dammit!

The Omen

The 70's were a time where respected director's were taking a stab at the horror genre. Richard Donner's vision of a couple struggling with the fact that their son may in fact be the spawn of satan is a classic. There's enough tension and beauty in the film to create a unique experience that sticks with you well past the end credits.

Dead Snow

Nazi Zombies. Is there really any more that needs to be said? Watch this movie.

The Babadook

If there's any movie on this entire list that you absolutely MUST watch this Halloween is the already-genre-classic The Babadook. In the same vein of The Shining and The Descent, we follow along for a woman's descent in seeming insanity. And the design of the Babadook itself is one of the more terrifying looks in all of film.
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