31 Days of Halloween - Day 13 "What We Do In The Shadows"

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I've always been a big fan of mockumentaries, so when I heard the Jemaine Clement was involved in one about Vampires, I sought it out immediately. Add to that, it's a horror/comedy from New Zealand, a country who has a fantastic track record with said films, then you've got one excited moviegoer. This film reaches the tone established in This Is Spinal Tap which is certainly indicative of a hyper-reality that only adds to the humorous moments throughout.

And the characters are just sooooo good. Viago, Vladislav, Deacon and Stu are some of the most dimensional vampire characters I've ever seen. Usually this is one genre where one-dimensional, one personality type vamps always seem to be ever present. They like blood, don't like light, and like to brood around because being around for so many years is just so sad. Not here, as we get some subtle moments that can only be done with top comedy actors.

Clement has confirmed that they are currently in the developmental stages for a sequel and I couldn't be more excited. This film was simply entering the "life" of these vampires, and giving us a snippet, leaving a surplus of material to use for whatever they choose to make the sequel. Whatever they do, I just hope it gets a US release, because I'll be there day one.

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