31 Days of Halloween - Day 15 "An American Werewolf in London"

Join us all October long as we spotlight different horror movies every day with a brand new video!

Arguably the greatest werewolf movie ever made, John Landis' 1981 classic brought about more than just a fantastic piece of celluloid, it gave us the first transformation that didn't look like a complete joke. I still love how that scene looks to this day, and that's because it used practical effects versus CGI, which is only recently getting to the point where it's truly photorealistic. Just look at the Benicio Del Toro transformation in Wolfman and see how dated CGI becomes with transformation since they're dealing with two of the most complex materials to replicate in a computer: hair and skin.

The characters all had much more dimensional personalities than your average horror movie and had a bit of humor that was a nice contrast to the horrors once the werewolf showed up. I really enjoy the direction this film takes, without any missteps, which I think is so rare in the werewolf sub-genre. Uh-oh. I hope that The Damn Beast doesn't read this. He may fire me. I was just kidding, dude. Werewolves rule.

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