31 Days of Halloween - Day 25 "Behind the Mask - The Rise of Leslie Vernon"

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The concept of "behind the scenes of a real life horror movie" is about as appealing as it gets for a fan of the genre. Getting to see how someone could orchestrate an entire night of terror, makes it interesting to think of if Jason or Michael Myers were to do the same thing. Although, I doubt they'd be as charismatic of a lead as Leslie Vernon, who is the most entertaining aspect of the film.

I don't think the film holds up as strongly as it did when first released, but that's to be expected from a gimmick film. As soon as the mockumentary style gets dropped, it becomes a generic horror film, which is everything that the rest of the film makes fun of. I find that a little polarizing nowadays, and could have done without it. Still, the mockumentary aspect is strong enough that it makes the third act easier to forgive.

While we may not be getting a sequel anytime soon, at least we were given a memorable character in Leslie Vernon.

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