31 Days of Halloween - Day 3 "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

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You may be questioning why on earth I chose to do the remake instead of the original but the answer is pretty simple: the remake affected the next decade of horror movies, something that can't be said about many remakes. While the original is very influential, I felt as though there were enough classics in the lineup, that we could do without one of them. And who knows, this may not even be the last remake on the list...

I don't hate this movie like some people. I still remember when it came out, I was in middle school and it was all the rage of all the kids around. They'd go to the theater and be freaked out the entire time, not even knowing for sure just how much the "inspired by true events" schtick carried any weight. I didn't see it until it was released on video, and while I didn't care much for it, I've started liking certain parts (even ones that aren't Jessica Biel related). I can appreciate aspects of the film since Marcus Nispel is a fantastic director and it deters from the original just enough to having surprising moments. Still, it doesn't take things far enough for a movie about Leatherface.

Let's tear this thing apart like Leatherface should have.

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