31 Days of Halloween - Day 30 "Night of the Creeps"

Join us all October long as we spotlight different horror movies every day with a brand new video! 

Night of the Creeps is another one of those movies that wasn't available on DVD for years and years, and built up somewhat of a cult following. It certainly helps that it caters to horror fans in the most overt ways. Carpenter, Hooper, Landis, these are just some of the names that are used casually in the film but stand out like a sore thumb if you're a horror aficionado. Still, it's stuff like that which I really enjoy.

One of the things that always makes me laugh to no end is when the douchebag boyfriend sees the slug outside of the sorority house and asks the dog if he just saw that. It's that kind of silliness that makes the film infinitely watchable. Between this and The Monster Squad, it's a shame that Fred Dekker wasn't more active in the horror or horror/comedy genres.

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