31 Days of Halloween - Day 6 "Scream 4"

Join us all October long as we spotlight different horror movies every day with a brand new video!

After such a long break from the series, I get why people were skeptical about this sequel at first. And while it may not blow away expectations, I still find it to be a worthy entry in the series (which is more than I can say about Scream 3 or Scream: The TV Series). In a world of remakes, it was nice to see the original cast return and embody the characters they made famous fifteen years prior.

I think that the big twist (don't worry, I won't get into that here) ended up commenting on our youth in society and their twisted sense of accomplishment. It can represent both that generation as well as studio's views on remakes in general. And while I wish the kills had been a little more creative than the half a dozen stabs, and least they sound brutal.

Not gonna lie, I had a little bit of misguided hope that they'd be discovering yet another post-death Randy Meeks video. Yup, I'm such a mark for Scream.

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