8 Exciting New TV Shows Coming in 2018

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Amy Adams in Sharp Objects (HBO)

When the cold season is upon us, we are tempted to stay indoors and chill while watching an entertaining TV show. And the good news is that the year of 2018 promises a lot, in terms of new shows. Ranging from dark comedies to sci-fi series, one of the shows I’m about to present is bound to be up your alley.

  • The Chi (Showtime – 7th of January 2018)

The Chi was created by Lena Waithe – the co-writer of the Thanksgiving episode on the Master of None. It is a drama that explores the lives of a group of characters from the South Side of Chicago. The show focuses on analyzing life in the Windy City, where growing up means surpassing a bunch of life-threatening challenges.

Jason Mitchell, the star known for Straight Outta Compton, is part of the cast, and he plays Brandon – a confident young man who is ambitious and confident about the future. Nonetheless, he must choose between being a responsible son and brother, and the promise of a new life.

Cary Fukunga – the creator of the first season of True Detective – is responsible for producing The Alienist. This TV show has a distinguishing macabre vibe to it, which makes it more compelling and intriguing altogether. It presents a series of male prostitute murders that occurred in New York City, in 1896.

The Alienist investigates a different timeframe when the police procedure was far from being successful – on the opposite, it was a matter of luck, superstition and elementary science. To that end, if you’re a fan of Jack the Ripper-style tales, this TV show will be your cup of tea.

  • Maniac (Netflix – 2018, unknown date)

Maniac is a dark comedy starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. It is directed by Emmy winner Carry Fukunga, being produced by Paramount Television. It is inspired by a Norwegian comedy entitled Maniac, which explores the inner and outer life of Espen – a patient in a mental asylum. Espen’s character isn’t afraid of dreaming, as he imagines himself as being adored by everyone surrounding him. He sees each day as a party, and his inner experiences are limitless.

Aside from analyzing Espen’s imaginings, the show also investigates the lives of the attendants and people of the asylum.

This TV show is also inspired by a book, whose author is Gillian Flynn, the famous author of Gone Girl. It is an eight-episode drama starring Amy Adams, who plays a reporter – Camille Preaker. She faces difficult challenges, after having a brief stay at a psychiatric hospital. She has to return to her hometown, due to the murdering of two preteen girls.

For years now, Camille restrained herself from communicating with her hypochondriac mother, as well as the half-sister she has no connection with whatsoever. However, due to the unexpected turn of events, she must install in her family’s house – a Victorian mansion, where she discovers that she has a lot in common with the young victims.

Being tormented by her own demons, Camille must connect the dots in spite of the challenges she faces, in order to solve the mystery.

  • 9-1-1 (Fox – January the 3rd, 2018)

This drama revolves around the lives of Los Angeles first responders, namely paramedics, cops, firefighters, and dispatchers. It presents the high-pressure they experience on a regular basis, and the difficult decisions they have to make. Concurrently, in spite of all the challenges they face on a regular basis, they have to struggle with the dramas of their own lives.

9-1-1 is Britton’s first regular role, with the exception of Nashville. Additionally, the show brings together Britton with Murphy.

Made by the executive producer Jenna Bans, this is a drama that explores the lives of three suburban mothers, who are struggling to make dead ends meet. However, they realize that it’s up to them to change their situation, and they do that by robbing the local supermarket. Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Mae Whitman (Parenthood) and Retta (Parks and Recreation) star in this TV show.

  • You (Lifetime – 2018, TBA)

This drama is inspired by the best-seller with the same name written by Caroline Kepnes. The renowned Greg Berlanti is responsible for producing this TV show. Berlanti has written the adaptation with Gamble. The series could be characterized as a 21st-century love story, between a brilliant twenty-something, who has an obsessive behavior, and an aspiring writer. As a result, he turns to utilizing the hyper-connectivity and technology he has at his disposal in order to make the woman he loves fall for him.

  • Mosaic (HBO – 22nd of January 2018)

And my last suggestion is Mosaic. This is all about murders and mysteries. However, Mosaic isn’t just a TV show, it is an app as well. This enables users to choose their path in the story. In other words, you may pick the point of view from which you want to observe the details or the perspective from which you want to watch the key scenes. Plus, users can get additional information regarding the murders, and these details aren’t necessarily presented in the show. This is something we haven’t seen before, but it definitely sounds exhilarating. 

So, these are some of the best upcoming TV shows of 2018. It’s safe to say there will be lots of possible binge-watching marathons! Which one are you most excited about?
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