About Wolf In A Gorilla Suit

For as long as I can remember I have been pop culture's bitch. When I was two years old, my older brothers played videogames, which immediately captured my attention. Not much later I discovered the joys and horrors of movies. I started reading books for fun sometime around my first hair-on-ball. I got more deeply into music when I was in middle school. And all throughout this, I've been an opinionated little shit, as any self respecting nerd is.

Despite all the great tools the Internet provides, it took me a while to take the initiative to start a blog to put my thoughts out there. It took even longer for me to realize that the first draft of that blog, which I didn't update as often as a blog needs to stay alive, wasn't very user friendly, easy to read, or easy to find.

About The Damn Beast

Whose real name is Diego Valenzuela.

I was born and raised in Mexico City, where I currently reside. I've surrounded myself in pop culture that came to me all the way from not-Mexico. I've been reading, writing, watching movies, playing games, et al, in English for as long as I've been interested in all that crap.

I graduated college in 2010 with a degree in Mass Communications, minoring in Film. Since, I've had the blessing to always get jobs that, in one way or another, make my interest in writing and my richer and improves my craft. I've worked in videogame review sites (the now defunct GameLemon), the writers' room of one of Mexico's largest soap opera networks, a national newspaper where I edited the videogames section, and now I work for Red Bull Mexico as a Gaming Editor and Content Marketer. I'm also a freelance contributor in Cine PREMIERE, one of Mexico's largest film magazines.

In my spare time, I've managed to entertain myself with writing. Currently I am working on the young adult book "The Armor of God" (which you can read here), which isn't my first finished novel, but will be the one I publish first. Additionally, I sing for a progressive metal band called Watercolor Butterfly, and am in the process of giving the last touches to my debut solo rock/metal album, tentatively called "Atavism". I'm also an amateur artist,  Additionally, I'm a weightlifter, I love football (go Ravens), and have a thing for whiskey.

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

  • Favorite Movies: "The Lion King", "The Fountain", "The Constant Gardener", "The End of Evangelion", "Children of Men", "Battle Royale", "The Cabin in the Woods".
  • Favorite Videogames: "Final Fantasy VIII", "Silent Hill 2", "Mass Effect" Trilogy (3 > 2 > 1), "Portal 2", "Bioshock: Infinite", "Ocarina of Time", and many more.
  • Favorite Bands: Opeth, The Devin Townsend Project, Anything by Devin Townsend, Within Temptation, Into Eternity, In Flames, Nightwish, Cannibal Corpse, Dethklok, and many more.
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